The Lilypad Tiny House Has a Funky Bohemian Design and it's Eco-Friendly

Check out this amazing Lilypad, an exotic looking eco-friendly home. This is a super uniquely designed tiny house on wheels that was dreamed up by Anita, in Portland, Oregon in 2014. Anita added her beautiful style and flare to her mini house, and it ended up creating a very peaceful and zen home. The design that Anita used made for a really well laid out floor plan within the 24 foot long 8.6-foot wide space. Her mini home is a total of 248 square feet including the two lofts that each have full stairs sets with storage inside of them. She bought an Eagle Iron trailer which cost her just over $4,000 which is pretty affordable for a trailer.

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The Eagle Iron trailer is rated to carry 10,000 pounds, but her tiny house with all of its contents only weighs 8,000 pounds. When building a tiny house on wheels, the trailer is one of the most important pieces that needs to be obtained. The tiny house trailer is so important because this is the foundation of your tiny house on wheels, and so if the trailer is off in anyway, or not stable enough to hold all of the weight, then your home will not be structurally sound either.

People sometimes are surprised at how much tiny house trailers cost, but there is so much steel and expensive parts, plus the labour that goes into building the tiny house trailer. The trailer is definitely one thing that you don't want to skimp on if you build your own tiny house, you can try and salvage other aspects of the tiny house build, like the lumber perhaps, or the appliances and even the furniture, but most tiny house builders advise us to invest in a brand new trailer.

Trailers for a tiny house on wheels can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 or more. The prices in the United States could be a little cheaper than in Canada, but then you have to import it into Canada if you are building it in Canada. There are many trailer fabricators all across Canada that are beginning to build trailers for tiny houses, and you if you are looking to build your own tiny house, call around to different trailer distributors in your area and check at least three different places, and price compare to make your best choice.

Anita's mini house even features a bathtub in it, which you don't often happen to find in tiny houses. She also has a range that operates on alcohol that is a renewable resource and better for the environment. Her little heater is a Dickinson marine heater that runs on a wood fire. The Dickinson marine heater is usually used on small boats or houseboats to keep them warm, but for her purpose, this tiny heater works perfectly in her tiny home, plus since it is wood burning, she can have her tiny house on wheels off the grid if she chooses.

The Lilypad tiny house was built to be entirely eco-friendly, and it is a great example of being self-sufficient and environmentally conscious. Anita also has a website that she offers her services in Vertical Gardening and Pet Massage. If you are looking into building your own tiny house and love Anita's tiny house design, you can also find her floor plans on her website also. She also offers tours of her tiny house as well as workshops on tiny house living and living simply.

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