This Is Far More than Just an Ordinary Tiny Home it's a Houseboat

If you are interested in unique small house plans, then the Tao houseboat will be right up your alley. Tiny house buildings are such an interesting and new field of interest for many people. Many people are choosing to live a simpler and unique lifestyle by living in a tiny house building whether the house is on wheels or like in this case, on the water. Living in a small house design is a fun, affordable and interesting way to live and the benefits of small house living are many. When you choose to live in a smaller sized home, you gain so much freedom and time that you might not have when living in a larger space. You also have more money that is yours since you own your tiny house building and don't have to continue funnelling rent or large mortgage payments into someone else's pocket. Having your very own tiny house building also gives you the freedom to choose how you decorate and implement your very own tiny house design, which can be great to express your creativity and show your style.

The Tao tiny houseboat is located at Gasworks Park Marina which is a community of tiny houseboats on Lake Union, in Seattle, Washington. Each of the slips where the houseboats are parked is owned privately while the rest of the marina is owned by just one owner. The sizes of the houseboats will have to fit in the parameters of the slips which is what limits their size. Most of the slips can fit boats that are 33.5 feet long by 10.5 feet wide. The Tao houseboat fits perfectly into one of the slips at the marina, but its unique design stands out. The home design features have scalloped shingles and a curved roof, and it's painted a light blue with a lovely deep purple trim.

The Tao houseboat sold for $235,000 which includes the slip as well as the houseboat. The home design is 260 square feet with a sleeping loft that is reached by a pull-down ladder. Half of the interior is dedicated to the living room, and the other side features the galley kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen in the Tao is a two burner propane range marine stove, and there is lots of storage in the kitchen as well. The cute kitchen has compact kitchen appliances with a mini refrigerator. The Tao tiny houseboat has wooden floors and a nice layout, perfect for life on the water.

A houseboat like this one would be perfect for a couple who loves the life of adventure and wants to keep exploring new places. But many people also are just happy parking it in one spot and living in it full time. You might take one look at this unique small house plan and decide this sort of lifestyle is something you'd like to try. A houseboat is a unique way to live that offers great views and a fun lifestyle that many people enjoy.

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