Living in This Mediterranean Style Tiny House on Wheels Would Feel Like a Permanent Vacation

Take a virtual tour through this sweet Sandy Tiny House that has an awesome tiny house design. You don't have to search very hard these days to find amazing tiny house design concepts as people all over the world are becoming infatuated with building tiny houses. Whether they are on wheels or stationary, tiny houses are becoming very a very popular alternative to renting or mortgaging a house. If you live in a city these days, you will know that it is hard to find a good rental unit for a reasonable price. Most people who rent have to search high and low to find the best possible place to rent out and some get very discouraged. So people are looking to alternative ways to build themselves a home, and tiny houses are creating the perfect opportunity for people to do just that.

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Take micro home builders Sarah and Patrick Romero for example. Although they didn't build their tiny house to live in themselves, they build it to rent out as a bed and breakfast or hotel type of accommodation for tourists. The couple from Sandy, Utah saw all of the different tiny houses online and thought that building a tiny house was something they wanted to do. They went to planning and designing, and once they had their design in place, the couple took to building their tiny home on their own. It too Sarah and Patrick around three months to build the mini house and the result is just awesome. Their tiny house building design is lovely and has a very open and airy feel.

They implemented a few triangular shaped skylights that make the inside like a beautiful terrarium, and all of the other black framed windows also add to the charming character of the house. There is room enough to sit inside the 192 square foot tiny house, and there are places for up to four people to sleep. The sofa on the main floor folds out to be a bed, and there are two twin beds on the upper loft area that is accessible by a ladder. The kitchen and bathroom designs in the tiny house are also very beautiful, and they leave lots of space to move around and get things done.

The micro home builders are very pleased with the results of their tiny house build, and they enjoy renting it out at an RV park in their area. They had to jump through some legal loopholes to be able to rent it out, but in the end, everything has worked out well. One of the best tips these micro home builders give is to make sure you do your research before you start planning your tiny house build. You want to be very aware of the legalities and regulations in your district before you start building it where you want it. The couple had to move theirs once it was already built, but you can save yourself the hassle by learning the ins and outs of tiny house zoning first. This is especially crucial if you live in a city. Out in the country, there are fewer laws and regulations, but when you live in a city, there are many zoning requirements and rules for what kind of appliances you can have as well so it pays to do your research.

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