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Tiny houses are creating such a revolution in how we view human shelter. Check out these Tiny Houses at Mt. Hood Village, an awesome little village of tiny houses on wheels located just outside of Portland, Oregon. Portland is a vibrant city filled with so much to see and explore. The culture is very vibrant and creative in the city, and they have some wonderful restaurants and cafes to enjoy as well as great art and music to be appreciated. Tiny houses on wheels are a bit in Portland, and they have a couple of tiny house villages like this Mt. Hood Village. The village serves as a hotel for tourists and travellers, providing a unique experience and a cozy environment to enjoy while visiting the city. The tiny houses on wheels are situated in a campground type of setting, with pristine Mt. Hood views and nature surrounding the little houses. This is the perfect way to get a dose of the beautiful Pacific Northwest territory, as well as the buzz of city life while staying in a cool tiny house on wheels. If you have never spent time in a tiny house on wheels now is the time to try it out. You may enjoy it so much that you decide to get one or build one of your very own.

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Tiny houses on wheels are a brilliant concept, especially for people who want to live a simpler life and don't want to buy a large house, or people who can't afford the prices on some of the houses on the market. Tiny houses are a very affordable way for people to have their very own home that they own with little to no debt. Some people out there have built tiny houses of their own for less than $20,000. If you are good at sourcing affordable or even used materials, you can build a tiny house on wheels for even less than that amount. There are tiny home manufacturers who specialize in tiny house design and tiny house building. If you want to purchase a tiny house on wheels that are already built and finished for you, you can have it built through a company like Tumbleweed Tiny Houses which is where the Mt. Hood Village tiny houses on wheels are from.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses have been around for a long time, since 1999. The company has so much great information for people to use to build their own tiny house and their tiny house packages sell for around $60,000 or more. The houses are all Green Building Certified, and they meet more than 500 safety requirements so that their tiny houses can be certified as RV units. This is important when you want to ensure your tiny house on wheels since that can be a tricky thing to do at times.

The houses that are offered as a place to spend a night or a few have cool names as well. They have the Atticus which is called the 'sleek, rugged, and modern' tiny house on wheels, then there is the Lincoln, which is tagged as the 'rustic modern' tiny house on wheels, then there is the 'wild and free' Zoe, the Savannah, with her 'down-home grace', and Scarlett who has some real 'farmhouse charm'. Each of the tiny houses on wheels has their own small house design concept which adds to the fun of staying in one of these awesome little units. The prices on the nightly stay aren't bad either, at only $129 or $139 per night. That would be equivalent to a hotel stay. They all have their little kitchen area too, so you can enjoy meals in while you are on vacation. Would you live in something like this? If not, would you consider trying out sleeping in one for a night or two? You never know how much you will like it.

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