Innovative Tiny House Design Feels Surprisingly Spacious Inside

This sweet and stylish tiny house on wheels is for sale for only $64,500 which is a fraction of the price you would pay to purchase a house or a condo anywhere. When you purchase something that is within your means, you don't have horrible debt looming over your head your whole life, which frees up more time to have fun and do the things that you enjoy. Over the years, it is undoubtable that the average size of a family home has just grown larger and larger as the years have gone on. For an example, the average house in the 1970s was around 1500 square feet in total, and that suited a family of four or five just fine. In 2013, and currently, we are seeing that houses are an average of around 2500 square feet, and that is sometimes for families of two or three people total. So we can see that the size of the average home has grown, but it has nothing to do with family size growing.

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Much of this may have to do with the vanity or the status symbol of owning a large house, that people feel that is a part of the American dream. But, as times are changing, so must we as people, and make the best of what we have instead of striving for some projected image of what the good life looks like. For most people building tiny houses, it is about financial freedom as well as keeping environmental impact low. A tiny house is on average anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet in total, and some can be even smaller than that at 60 or 80 square feet.

This tiny house on wheels from Tiny By Design comes in at 396 square feet in total and it has some amazing features in it as well. This tiny house has been used as a demo for the company for promoting their tiny house designs when they attend trade shows. This tiny house is only 24 feet long, but it really has a lot to offer. You will be amazed at the interior design in this tiny house on wheels, all of the gorgeous custom cabinetry and tile work that is incorporated into the home. It also has a beautiful bench and couch seating and dining tablespace as well. There is also some great loft space for additional storage and sleeping space as well as a pull out bed on the main floor. This tiny house on wheels is definitely a must-see.

If you want to build your own tiny house, this is also a very possible option to do as well. The tiny house cost for building it yourself will be cheaper since you are putting in all of the work in finding the different materials and components that will go into the building. You can expect your tiny house cost to build your own tiny house to be anywhere from $15, 000 to $30,000 realistically. You can start out by setting a budget or seeing how much money you have to work with first which will determine a lot of your project. You can then determine how large your tiny house will be and what will be able to fit into it. Usually, tiny homes are either 20 feet long, 24 feet long, 28 feet long or 30 feet long. You can go shorter, but you cannot go any longer because of road restrictions if you want it to be considered a tiny house on wheels in the United States or Canada. It can be a very fun process to design and build your own tiny home, and looking at tiny houses like the one here can really help you to gain inspiration and excitement.

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