Unique Holiday Stay in The Pacifica at Caravan Tiny House Hotel

Introducing the Pacifica, a lovely tiny house on wheels from Caravan, The Tiny House Hotel. Caravan The Tiny House Hotel is comprised of seven tiny houses on wheels, all with unique small house plans. The tiny houses on wheels are each and have a style all their own. You can choose any of the available unique small house plans and stay a night or a few nights in this very new and innovative hotel set up. The Caravan Tiny House Hotel is a warm and cozy establishment that invites people to get a taste of small house living without having to plunge in head first and buy or build their own. Its a fun and exciting way for people who are interested in the tiny house movement to experience tiny house living first hand. This provides a wonderful and different option for people instead of staying at a hotel or a hostel when they are visiting.

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Wouldn't you love to stay in a tiny house like this and experience tiny house living for yourself? Even if you never want to build a tiny house for yourself and your family, its a fun way to try something new that you maybe hadn't thought of before. The Pacifica is the tiny house on wheels you see pictured. It can be rented out for $175 US per night and is available all year round.

The Tiny House Hotel is located in the Alberta Art's District of Portland Oregon, a very hip and happening city in the United States. Portland is known for its forward-thinking and innovative ways that the unique people who live in the city bring. The city seems to buzz with the electricity of artistic souls interested in music, art and innovation as well as a keen eye on being environmentally sustainable and earth-friendly. There are also many great restaurants and lounges in the city as well as fun activities going on all the time. Portland attracts people who love to experience things a bit differently, and it is great for a short vacation or a long-term stay. People who visit there always love it and want to come back for more. Staying in one of these cabins with unique small house plans would be sure to add an extra level of interest to your trip to Portland.

When you see all of the photos of the Pacifica tiny house on wheels, you will be so excited. This tiny house on wheels was designed by Zyl Vardos who is a well known tiny house designer when it comes to the Vardos Caravan style of tiny houses. Vardos designs beautiful small homes that are works of art and resemble the beautiful gypsy-style caravans seen in Europe. All of the stained glass in this tiny home is done expertly. The shades of blue and green, pink and purple give the tiny house on wheels an eclectic and eccentric look that deserves to be admired. The inside of the tiny house is cozy yet fairly spacious. There is a day bed with comfortable seating that turns into a full sized bed for two once the pillows are removed. There is a sweet kitchenette that is decorated beautifully with Mexican style tiles, sink, cups and plates, giving it that true Pacifica Spanish feel. A beautifully built staircase leads up to a sleeping loft area, so this space could potentially sleep more than two people. There is also a nice sized bathroom in the tiny house that has a great standup shower in it.

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