Extremely Original Ideas for an All-Purpose Cottage

This adorable Gambler Island tiny getaway cabin is just the place to get away from the city and spend some relaxing time close to nature. The beautiful design of this tiny house cabin makes it the perfect starter home, or weekend getaway. This cute little cabin overlooks the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia. It is located in a grouping of recreational lots on Gambier Island, which is an island just north of the city of Vancouver. This small island seems like a great place to have a cabin or even a full-time home if you really want to get away from city life. This cottage would make the perfect starter cabin which would give the landowners something to live in or stay in while building their larger home or cabin. It's a small space but it's well built and great for vacations.

If you're ever interested in buying a small cabin with hopes of building a larger one, once you're finished building the larger building, you can always use the smaller cottage as a guest house or a rental which is what many people do when they upgrade. The cottage was built by Click Modular Homes in Port Mellon, British Columbia. They finished the cottage using gorgeous Western Red Cedar board and batten siding with exposed rafter tails which create a traditional wood cottage look. This island cottage is 16 feet by 12 feet is just one open room with a loft, but there is some headroom in the loft which would be great for sleeping. The walls were built using regular 2 by 4 construction, but the loft and roof were timber-framed.

They used beautiful and sturdy Spruce beams and rafters. The interior walls were left for the new buyers to finish and they also installed windows and a nice big sliding door. There's even a little outhouse that was built to go along with the tiny house since there is no bathroom inside the home. The tiny house was built off-island and then transported by trailer and barge to the island property where it was set up. Click Modular Homes was created by custom homebuilder Barry Maedel. Barry wanted to build homes with contemporary design concepts using high-quality materials to create an affordable, and repeatable home model. He came up with what's now known as Click's wall system that's very easy to assemble and has evolved over 18 years with over 50 homes and buildings created in the last 7 years that have used the newest version of the system.

People love to buy these small units to use as a lane-way coach house, a guest accommodation, or a cottage. The great thing is, all of the homes from Click have a fixed price so customers will never be caught off guard by surprise costs. Once the foundation is set up on the property and the home is completed in their factory they ship it assembled to the lot and install it in about a day. All of their homes are CSA approved and won't require building permits. What do you think of these cute tiny homes?

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