A High-Quality Wood Cottage Nestled in Nature

When it comes to cozy high-quality cabins, this one has it all. The Bowles Residence log home located in Blaine, Washington is 3,000 square feet and was completed in 2011. The three bedroom, two bathroom cedar wood home features a peaked front window that looks over a nearby lush, green forest. Upon entering the log home, you will be under the heavy timber truss the is over the front entrance and when you walk inside you'll see a warm, pine ceiling and wood interior. With knotty alder doors, and hemlock trim. This log home floor plan also features a loft above the main entry that also offers views to enjoy.

This log home build is beautiful inside and out, with cathedral ceilings, and lots of wood details to love. You have to take a look at the unique and beautiful kitchen countertops and backsplash that are made out of smooth stones, to create a look you can't help but love. All the details of this log home from the cathedral ceiling, lots of windows, wood stove and countertops make this cottage the thing that dreams are made of. You will want to take a closer look at the West Coast Homes gallery of cottage and home designs they have done. On the site, you will find a wide variety of unique styles and designs of everything from wood and timber homes, cabins, tiny homes and even park models. The park model homes and cottages are some of the nicest park model homes you'll see; they take park model living to a whole new level with some of their beautiful designs.

West Coast Homes has been around since 2011; they are a division of Faber Construction. Faber has been building custom homes since 1987, so West Coast Homes was a way to simplify things for them and their clients to form a separate residential division. The company and their talented crew can construct custom homes and cabins across all budget ranges and help you with any building and remodelling needs. Their dedication to quality and maintaining a close relationship with their customers and their budgets have kept then a leader in the residential market. A company that knows how important a clients budget is, to the success of a home building project makes it a good fit right from the start.

The approach of West Coast Home’s is simple. They help you to establish your budget right from the start and then maximize it to reach the home dreams to fit your needs and lifestyle. They have architects and designers that work closely with them, and they can offer home building expertise on constructability and budget-related questions whenever needed. West Coast Homes is a family operated and owned business that continues to involve themselves in local charities and community events.

Building the cottage or home of your dreams is one of the most exciting projects you will undertake. There are lots to know and figure out along the way, but when you work alongside a company that has a reputation for quality and good customer service, you can feel relaxed knowing the end results will be worth it. So you want to be sure and find a log home designer and builder that has your best interests at heart.

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