The Libertine Is A Luxury Cottage Stay Close To The North Cornwall Coast

The Libertine Cottage is just two miles away from Perranporth beach on the north coast of Cornwall, England. The lovely cottage can accommodate up to two people, with a double bedroom and a bathroom. There is plenty to do in this beautiful location with everything from horseback riding, hiking, or learning the local cider is made at the Cornish Cyder Farm Healey. There are plenty of lovely details to love in the Libertine cottage. The main part of the small cottage plan uses stone outside, with a wood addition. The same stone is also used as a fence that is joined to the stone cottage and then wraps around a tiny yard, which also doubles as an outdoor patio space. The cottage is surrounded by forests, making you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. There are several outdoor sitting areas and a gravel walkway that leads up to the wooden addition of the cottage that holds the tiny kitchen and dining area. Inside the small cottage plan, there are lots of white walls that anchor space, along with some reclaimed wood details that further add character. A wood stove gives heat on cold days, and lots of windows offer up natural light. The kitchen cabinets in the cottage also make perfect use of the reclaimed wood, and the blue/green accents throughout add extra appeal.

The Libertine Cottage is a great way to experience a different kind of holiday. The cottage has a bit of a story to tell which makes it all the more fun. The small cottage plan was once home to pigs, as this 1860's Cornish cottage was once a piggery. The small cottage plan is close to Perranporth beach and has been beautifully transformed into a luxury self-catering cottage with its ultra-stylish interiors. The traditional stone and the cedar-clad exteriors of the small cottage home conceal the modern features inside. The small cottage home has an industrial-inspired zinc kitchen with metro tile, some flashes of neon and royal blue velvet in the living area, with each room in the cottage offering something unique.

Although small in size, this cottage makes the most of its space. It goes to show how each design element in a small cottage plan helps to bring the house together, adding character and making it feel like home. It also goes to show how the location of a home can make you fall in love with a place and help to extend the interior space outdoors. Especially nice in this small cottage home is the outdoor patio surrounded by stone. This small cottage space is a good example of how unique each tiny space can be. You would think that with less space that most small cottage plans would look similar, but it's just not so. You can add in so many design details on both the exterior and the interior of the small cottage plan, which sets it apart from the rest. A tiny house design like any house is always a reflection of both the builder and the owner. When you use simple elements such as reclaimed wood and stone you can change how a tiny house looks and feels.

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