Uniquely Crafted Little Cottage That Brings People Together

People love decorating and creating homes that are unique to their individual personality and style. It's a part of our expression of selves to demonstrate things that are close and dear to our hearts, and this Hermit's cottage from The Little Log House Company is one of those houses that will easily become a beloved home because it's so full of character and charm already. The Little Log House Company is a website that features just that, a collection of traditional little log houses. Although some of them are a less little and more large, while others fit the bill for quaint and tiny. There are many galleries showing the exterior and interior of each designed home, with plenty of options and ideas to choose from. From the Hermit's cottage which would be an excellent place to retreat to, to the Pine Tree cottage which would be nice for a family vacation home.

The company is actually based in Northern Ireland and you can tell by the style of the homes that a lot of care and detail went into building them. The log cabins are also built in the traditional style, the way log cottages have been built for centuries. So if you're looking for a traditional style of log cabin, they have exactly what you're looking for. The cabins each have many small details and carvings that add to the overall beauty of the design. These aren't your basic cookie cutter style homes, so if you're looking for something super generic then these are not for you, on the other hand if you want something that is super unique and detailed these cabins are just that. You can contact the company to inquire about purchasing one of the products on their contact page.

The Hermit's log cabin features the main level with the living room space off to one side and the kitchen off to the other with a little dining room off of the kitchen. It's nice to have everything in one room because it makes it easier to heat the space but it also brings everyone closer together too. There is a staircase leading up to the upper level which has a bedroom and a small bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink. Better to have a small bathroom than have to go out to use an outhouse, especially in the middle of the night. Off of the kitchen, there's also a deck outside the cottage which would be a great place to set up some outdoor furniture to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible when it's warm out. The overall size of the cabin is 3.7 meters by 5.5 meters making it fairly small, but great for a relaxing vacation. All of their log cabins and log houses can be delivered to Norfolk Port, Virginia, USA or to Halifax Port, Canada. Otherwise, they can ship to a port that's convenient to you and the price should stay about the same.

In their kits everything that's needed to build a ready to live or use in log cabin is included. The only thing that's not included in the kits is the Electrical & Plumbing items, Kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, Bathroom fixtures, Chimney, & Landscaping. They build these log cabins in their warehouse and then it takes them about 14 to 21 days, to reassemble the cottages.

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