884 Square Foot Cottage Retreat In San Anselmo, California

If you are like many people these days, you might have a soft spot for smaller homes designs. If you do, you are sure to love this amazingly beautiful Zen Retreat. Located in San Anselmo, California this 884 square foot home design, is the epitome of Zen and has a very relaxing, soothing and invigorating ambiance to it. At 884 square feet, this is not as small as some tiny house buildings can get. Many tiny house designs out there are around the 150 or 250 square foot range. Some are even smaller, like 60 square feet, which are more like caravans on the back of a truck, then they are total package homes with all of the amenities. The smaller ones in the 60 square foot range may not have a bathroom or a kitchen in it, simply a place to sleep, and to relax. Some people who travel a lot for work may like this, but not everyone can live this small.

This one is around the size of an apartment, making it perfect for a couple, single or a smaller family. When it comes down to it, we don't need as much space as we sometimes tend to think we do. Living in a smaller space can give us so much more freedom to do other things that we would like to do, instead of being tied down by a mortgage. Plus, living in a smaller home, means that you might get outside into nature more too so that you can be in a larger space. It also means less space to clean when you are cleaning house too, which is always nice and something we can all appreciate.

The Zen Retreat small cottage home was designed by Douglas Anawalt, who did an amazing job of conceptualizing this home. It does feel like a retreat that you would find yourself at in Hawaii or Asia. The home design looks so grand as it is approached. The height alone gives it the appearance of being larger than it truly is. The gorgeous cathedral ceilings, with the triangular windows at ceiling level, give the space so much openness that it might not have if they were not placed there in that way. It also gives the house a very contemporary and cutting-edge look that we don't always see in houses. Surrounded by weeping willows and other deciduous trees, gives the home a true feeling of a sanctuary. The trees provide a beautiful view out of all of the windows as well and provide shade with their foliage. In the winter when the leaves drop, more sunlight will be able to reach the inside of the home design through the windows, providing lots of natural light and heat from the sun's light.

The furnishings chosen for the living room are cozy and warm, the colours on the rug bring in some brightness, and texture to the room. The leather couches flow so well with the wood and look very comfortable to lounge on. The kitchen, a galley style kitchen saves on space, while still being functional and stylish. With a stunning stainless steel gas stove and plenty of cabinets and counter space, this kitchen is ready to have some delicious meals made in it. The kitchen is reminiscent of a 1970s kitchen in its design and style, with the all wood cabinetry and wall paneling, with the glossy white tile. But it also is very modern at the same time. The outdoor areas are to be desired, the great patio with comfortable loungers would make for the perfect place to enjoy a nice summer's day, surrounded by all of the trees and lovely sounds of nature. This home design is a truly unique one, that is sure to inspire and intrigue.

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