Experience Luxury Interiors with the Tudor Tiny House

This tiny house on wheels is somewhat of a dream, especially for anyone who loves Tudor design. The Tudor House is a cross between something out of the Hobbit and a fantasy novel, with plenty of imagination and character throughout. Jenn James, was the client for this unique tiny house on wheels with the dream of a tiny house like never seen before. From the exterior of the Tudor House to the aesthetic of the interior this tiny house design came together so nicely that it is sure to inspire.

The design of this tiny house is whimsical and fantasy with some unorthodox tiny house design choices to bring the owners aesthetic to life. The Tudor House has contrasting building materials with mystical colors as the top choices to add a whimsical touch that James wanted. In the kitchen, there are purple kitchen cabinets with various colors of kitchen tiles with a little sparkle in them. That combined with a lovely naturally rough edge granite kitchen countertop to make the statement they were going for. On the right side of the tiny kitchen, the room was left open except for a small corner fireplace with a traditional exposed black chimney vent. After a late night of staging the tiny house, they had the opportunity to start up the fireplace and dim the lights, which made for one of the more cozy setups they had ever experienced.

On the other end of the tiny kitchen is the stunning spa bathroom. There you will find veneer slate tile which lines the floors and walls with an arched pop out that makes the room truly feel like you are walking into a fairytale. To top it all off, the bathroom has a copper clawfoot soaking tub that makes this bathroom truly stand out. Leading up to the master loft bedroom is a spiral staircase for the perfect touch. The upper loft is completed with a skylight, arched windows, and a locally sourced handcrafted twig railing that gives a whimsical look. The exterior of this tiny house design was just as important as the interior. James wanted the exterior to look and feel like you were back in time whenever you look at it. So together, James and the designers drew inspiration from different architectural designs but decided that Tudor was the best fit for the unique tiny house.

The Tudor House is 8 feet 6 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall and 24 feet long. The Tudor House is a custom tiny house on wheels from Tiny Heirloom. Custom is just one of the options you have when looking for a tiny house design to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. The tiny house customization process with Tiny Heirloom is as hassle-free as possible. They talk you through all of the financing, custom tiny house floor plan, interior/exterior design, cosmetics, insulation, and more so there are no surprises. Once they have something you love drawn up, you can work together with their Design Team to get it ready to build.

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