This Tiny House is a Feast for the Eyes

The Escher Tiny House on Wheels from New Frontier Tiny Homes is inspired by the original Alpha tiny house design being reimagined for a family of three. The gooseneck style tiny home offers a standing height, king-sized bedroom. The upstairs loft on the other end of the tiny house is a separate space for the baby. The Escher tiny house has a beautiful luxury bathroom, an office/hallway and a walk-in closet that make this tiny house design the perfect solution for the modern family. The tiny house design is a contemporary and sophisticated design.

If you are on the fence on whether you want an RV or a tiny house there are some things you will want to know about the two. RVs are a great option if you want to travel regularly, whether it be weekly, monthly or seasonally, on trips where you will be driving great distances consistently. RVs feel like a plastic or vinyl box because that is typically what RVs are made of. If you want to live full time and tow your tiny house occasionally, then a tiny house on wheels is recommended. If you want a tiny space that feels like a charming, beautiful, cozy living space, then a tiny home is a good choice. If you are still unsure which would be better for you, you'll want to talk to someone who has stayed in tiny houses on wheels or tiny house designs to find out the pros and cons.

A tiny house on wheels from New Frontier Tiny Homes is also very flexible in some of the options you can choose. One option is adding solar power. Adding solar power to your tiny house design will free up the places you can stay in your tiny house design and is a good way to go off grid. New Frontier Tiny Homes can be customized for fully off-grid systems and solar power. They can design your tiny home with solar hookups if you are not ready to commit to an entire solar package right away. You'll want to specify if you want solar hookups or if you want a full solar package when you are choosing your tiny house design.

Other things you will have to consider when putting together your tiny house design choices are appliances, electrical, mechanical and other critical elements of your tiny home that are determined by its solar capabilities. As for heating your tiny house design, this will depend on the climate in which you will be placing your tiny house design. They typically recommend mini splits for both the heat and air conditioning. However, if you are going to be off the grid, this is not as good of an option. If you are going to live in a very cold climate, you may want to supplement your heating sources. When choosing the options for your tiny house design, you will want to let the builder know where you will be putting your tiny house so they can advise you with several tiny house options and their respective prices.

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