Experience An Off Grid Vacation in This Tiny House in The Woods

Cabinscape is a Canadian-owned company that offers custom designed, low impact and ecologically sound tiny cabin rentals to enjoy intimate wilderness escapes. A cabin building is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. The wood cabins are placed in the most beautiful, private and rugged landscapes, close to the best trails and parks that Southern Ontario has to offer. These cabin building rentals are good for one, two or a few people, weather you are a solo camper, a couple or a small group who wants a hassle-free getaway to the woods. Staying in a cabin building is a good way to feel better. It’s a scientific fact that being close to nature makes you happier and healthier. A trip away in a wood cabin is the ultimate form of medicine. Staying in a wood cabin is all about simplicity and sustainably. The tiny cabin buildings are completely off-grid, solar powered and ecologically responsible. These cabin buildings are designed with modern amenities and creature comforts for a stress-free, and rejuvenating escape. The following are just a few of the cabin buildings you will find with Cabinscape.

Mason cabin building is a private, and comfortable retreat that is tucked away on 576 acres of Canadian Shield wilderness. The wood cabin offers modern amenities, a private deck with scenic views, and a trail network right outside your door. It is important to note that if you rent this cabin building in the winter, it will be a hike in when the snow is too difficult to drive through. Guests will be provided with snow-shoes and a sled to haul their gear in the winter months. The running water is turned off in November when the lake begins to freeze. Drinking water and dish washing water will be provided. Winter weather is a challenging time of year to camp and guests should be comfortable, equipped and know the inherent risks of staying in a backcountry cabin building.

The Auburn cabin building is a private, cozy retreat with modern amenities, a private dock, deck, indoor/outdoor bar, and a sunset view that overlooks a quiet, motor-free lake. This cabin building is also available during the winter months, and like the Mason cabin will be a hike in when the snow gets too deep to drive.

The Dashi cabin building is the newest wilderness retreat and their first tiny cabin in Southwestern Ontario. The Dashi cabin building sits on 75 private acres in a secluded hardwood forest, adjacent to rolling farmland. The cabin building is perched above a meandering creek that snakes through the wooded property, offering scenic views from above. You can hike the private trails on the site or drive 5-minutes to the public beach for beautiful sunset vistas and long walks along the icy shore of Lake Huron. This tiny cabin building offers a clean, rustic, minimalist, and open-concept cabin design that embodies the essence of slow country cabin living. Cabinscape has two other cabin buildings available to rent, to include the Penner wood cabin, and the Joni cabin building.

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