The Nugget, Micro Tiny House will Surprise You

The Nugget is a micro tiny house from Modern Tiny Living in Ohio. This micro tiny house is outfitted with complete off-grid capability, making it the most livable 12 foot micro home on the market. Whether this charming tiny house is used for a weekend getaway or as a travel companion, the Nugget tiny house shows that you don't need to sacrifice livability even when you are sacrificing space. Pricing for the Nugget starts at $39,000.

The Nugget is built on a 12-foot custom tiny house trailer foundation. This tiny house design has 102 square feet of space and weighs 4,500 pounds. This micro house has trailer made steel framing, a metal roof with a 40-year warranty, pine siding, and vinyl flooring. This tiny house design has open wraparound shelving, under bed storage and drawers and white poplar cabinets. The kitchen in this tiny house on wheels has a large white single bowl sink, copper faucet, hickory butcher block countertops and a mini-fridge. The bathroom has a pocket door to help save space, a composting toilet and a 30 inch by 30-inch shower. The Nugget has a full off-grid package that includes a 100-gallon fresh water tank and 12-volt pump, ​4 Solar Batteries & Attached Solar Panels, invertor and convertor and propane heater. The tiny house on wheels also has a propane tankless water heater, and a 110 Volt Charge Capability (Can Charge Solar Batteries w/110 Volt), ​Spray-Foam Insulation 3 Inches for Walls, Ceiling, and Floors (R-28 In Roof/Floor, R-21 In Walls).

The Nugget micro tiny home could be used for a variety of uses to include off-grid living, as a vacation tiny home, a guest cottage, artist studio and more. Everyone has a different reason for tiny house living. Some people are looking to save some money, others want to travel, and others to want a small retreat for a weekend getaway. Modern Tiny Living has a variety of different price points to suit your budget, needs, and lifestyle. That's the benefit of working with a custom tiny house design-builder, they can spec out your tiny house the way you wish.

Other reasons people decide that small house living is for them include wanting to minimize your life to get the most out of life. One of the most popular reasons people love to go tiny is that it truly is a minimalist lifestyle. Many people are starting to reject the need to have so much stuff. The average person keeps trying to go bigger and bigger in their home and with everything in their lives to include cars and material possessions. As a result, many people end up over stretching their budgets, work lives, and time to the max. People are sacrificing their experiences with their families or themselves for the need to have bigger and better. These days there is a new generation of people both young and old alike who are starting to see the value in minimizing their lives to maximize their life experiences and freedom.

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