So Much Authentic Country Charm Packed Into This Tiny Farmhouse On Wheels

Like many people, couple Michelle and Tyson Spiess from Portland, Oregon had the urge to go on an adventure. After feeling like they were tied down with their jobs and their home, the couple decided to do something out of the ordinary and get into one of the tiny houses they'd been hearing so much about. Portland is kind of a hub for out of the box ideas, so it's the perfect place for a movement like the tiny house movement to grow. Over the last several years there have been so many people getting interested in tiny living and even in building tiny houses of their own. Not just in Portland, but all over the world. Like others who decide to join the movement, Michelle and Tyson wanted more free time and more money for travelling, so they joined others who were happily downsizing and created a very cute and cozy home for themselves. The couple started out on their mission to build their tiny farmhouse, and along the way, they teamed up with Michelle's two builder brothers Jason and Zach as well as the brothers' wives Brianna and Hannah to create a really cool tiny house manufacturing company that is now known as Tiny Heirloom Homes. Since there were already other tiny house builders out there, the team decided to incorporate high-quality materials including hardwood flooring and fixtures like hand-hewn pine accents to set them apart from the rest.

Their motto is that you don't have to sacrifice quality when you're downsizing and that your tiny house should be a reflection of your own personality. Each of their tiny houses including this one has so much charm and style packed into it that it creates a sense of home no matter where it's parked. In this small floor plan, you'll see they added beautiful wood beams in the kitchen to add some warmth, as well as some great vintage pieces that work so well with modern decor. They also add storage features like a high loft style shelf above the front door to maximize storage without losing space on the ground floor. Even though you could reach out and touch both walls in the kitchen at the same time, there is so much to be admired about the lovely kitchen plan. They installed a 24-inch fridge under the counter to save space, and there's also a 20-inch four-burner gas range to cook on as well. They also installed a propane space heater that's made for boats to heat the small 192 square foot space.

They even created a nice office space with a desk and two windows close by. The bedroom is actually quite spacious as well with 4 foot high ceilings and enough room to fit a king sized bed if you can believe. Throughout the tiny house is white-painted tongue-and-groove cladding which helps brighten and lighten up the space making it feel magically larger. They also installed some great awning-style windows and a skylight to open it up as well. In a hideaway closet there is another surprise; a washer/dryer combo unit that fits perfectly in the 2-foot space. The bathroom may be tiny, but there is a narrow sink that fits perfectly in the space, and there's even a shower, and a toiled packed in there too. So this farmhouse style tiny house is good to take on the road and live in comfortably. Tiny Heirloom has since created many tiny houses for many satisfied customers, and they have some of the most inspirational tiny house plans out there. Could you live in a tiny house like this one full-time? Or would you just use it as a vacation trailer?

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