This Lovely Cottage Shows Just How Much Can Be Done with a Small Space

This beautiful Vålberg Cottage is summer living in a tiny cottage that is just 420 square feet. It goes to show just how much you can do with a smaller space when innovative design concepts are integrated. The tiny cottage has a covered porch and large outdoor patio which is one of the highlights of this design to help open it up to the outside world. The cottage is placed on a beautiful property with fields of grass and trees toward the back of the cottage. They've also expanded the space of the cottage by adding some storage buildings around the property. It even looks as though there might be some extra accommodations behind the main cabin. Inside the cottage, there is a small separate room, and a south facing the private beach, all you need to enjoy a summer, or a holiday away. The ceilings and some of the walls in the cottage have wood panelling which warms the space up making it feel like a very cozy cabin. Most of the other walls are painted white which helps to expand the space within the cottage brightening it up.

Through the front door off of the patio is a good sized entrance space that can be curtained off if need be. Then, the dining room is the next space in the house with enough room for a full-sized table and a hutch. Close by is the bright and sunny kitchen that's been painted a warm yellow that brings some cheeriness to the space. There's an apartment sized stove and oven as well as a fridge so it would be a great place to cook homemade meals in. Right next to the kitchen is the bedroom with bunk beds in it to sleep two or three people since the bottom bunk is a double bed. The room at the back has a bench sofa in it, but it could also easily be used as another small bedroom. There's also a bathroom right in the cottage as well which is nice since many cottages use outhouses.

So many people wish to have a vacation cabin to have a home away from home to create memories and it's cottages like this that help to inspire getting one of their own. Whether you build it yourself or you buy an older cottage to renovate, you'll have somewhere to go with your loved ones for vacations and trips that will make memories that last a lifetime. This cottage appears to be an older cottage that has had little updates here and there, but if you were to purchase a cottage like this one you could easily do some renovations to bring it up to the current styles and trends. Even how they added the yellow paint adds so much personality and character. Just choose a colour and add it here and there to bring in some brightness and style. Even just adding in some colourful accessories can really help bring some style to the space.

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