The Prescott Cottage Has Great Potential

The Prescott Cottage is a cute bright green cottage in the forest that has everything one would need and even more. This would make an excellent cottage to use on the weekend and for holidays. The concept of the cottage came about when people would be living and working in the city and making more than enough money to build a cabin out in the forest to escape from all of their stress once in a while. They have been used for decades as a place for families to go together to unwind and relax together and they still are used in this very way. Some people are even into living a life like this full time but it all depends on the zoning laws of the local area. The green cottage looks like it could have been built either in the 60s or 70s. It has that mod style that they started using in 60s architecture when all of the lines started being really clean, and more expressive. They created the pop up on the top of the house, to create more hight and space and to offer more light inside the cottage.

The exterior of the home looks really fun and fits right in with the forest and all of the green trees surrounding it. The patio is wonderful, with the hot tub and a little covered area on the patio for those days when you need a little shelter from the sun or rain. The interior is beautiful and the bones of the house are really great though and it would look great with a modern update. The exposed beam vaulted ceilings with the smaller windows at ceiling height add a little extra light and style. There is a nice large fireplace in the room which would be great to heat the home and provide some ambiance. Hardwood floors would look fabulous in this space, and make it feel a lot more modern.

The kitchen cabinets are a wild colour of blue, with funky drawer and knob pulls. This is probably also something that would look great with an update. The kitchen is really small but has enough room to cook up a good meal and has plenty of counter and cabinet space. The bedroom is nice, with a door leading out onto a balcony, which is a really nice feature to have. There are lots of windows for good light exposure as well. The bathrooms each have a shower, and one has a bathtub. One of the bathrooms has a sink that has seen better days, which could also stand to be replaced. The back of the cottage backs out onto another outdoor area, with a swing and some rock landscaping, a fire pit would be great out in the back area. It shows what potential some of these cabins have and they can make for great renovation projects for those who are ready and willing to do some work. This could even be a great rental cabin too.

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