This Isn't Your Typical Cottage: A Modern Update on the A-Frame Cottage

While the A-frame cottage is still a very well loved style, it's only natural that its style would evolve along with the latest trends in design. This new project from Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a Danish architecture firm, has created a very stylish prefabricated cabin that is going to be available for purchase, hopefully in the near future. This cute A45 cottage was designed by BIG for a new tiny house company named Klein who is planning to sell tiny houses that have been designed by the world's best architects and designers. These sleek A-frame style tiny cottages include everything that a typical cottage neds in it's small 183 square foot floor plan. Each cabin will include a woodburning fireplace to keep the space warm very efficiently. It will also contain a kitchenette with simple and small appliances to make mealtime easy. There will also be a small dining area that is mixed in with the living room area too. There's no mention of the prices on these units quite yet or even when it will be ready to buy. So you'll want to keep an eye out if this type of design interests you.

The cabin you see here is the prototype model which is located in Upstate New York, a great place for all New York City dwellers to go for a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It features a stylish and contemporary design which is inspired by the classic A-frame cottages which were popular in the 1960s. They will offer a ceiling height of 13 ft making the small 183 square foot space feel larger than it is, and the abundance of windows also helps with that too. There's a bed on the main floor and a loft bedroom that can be reached by climbing a ladder. Then, on the main floor, there is also a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. All of the furniture in the prototype is made to be high-quality and designed to suit the space and make it more efficient. Some of the interior designers working on these pieces include Morsøe, Carl Hansen, and Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.

The wood burning fireplace is designed by Morsøe, and it would have no trouble keeping the small space warm in the colder weather. The A45 units will be completely assembled on the building site from the modules that are prefabricated in the company factory. They will be made largely of recycled and natural materials and will include materials like wood and glass. The floor of the prototype is made from Douglas Fir, and it's set on four concrete pillars as the foundation which makes it more affordable for the customer to set up. There will even be some off-grid equipment available to add onto the prefabricated cabin package which would presumably include a solar power array, a water collection system, grey water system and probably a composting toilet. But all of that would be decided in the final steps before the cottage is marketed to the public. As with most prefab cabins and homes, there is also the option for customers to choose their own appliances depending on what their needs and preferences are. It's wonderful to see some of the larger architecture firms working on smaller, sustainable projects like this making sustainable products available to the public. It would be great to see a product like this available worldwide that's affordable, easy to set up and simple to customize. They could even work great as little backyard rooms for home offices and guest suites or rental units. Would you enjoy setting up camp in one of these sweet suites?

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