Vacation Under the Stars in The Scandinavian Glass Cabin Igloo in Iceland

A luxury Scandinavian glass cabin igloo in west Iceland next to the sea with panorama view and private outdoor hot pool. Watch the northern lights and amazing sunsets from the comfort of your bed.The Panorama Glass Lodge is like no other hotel room you've seen before. That's because it's built out of glass and offers stunning views of the Northern Lights. The glass cabin is a simple design that offers a unique experience like no other. Located in Iceland, the motto for the Panorama Glass Lodge is Where the sky is, and nothing could be truer for this scenic vacation idea. The cabin itself is a cozy 248-square-foot cabin. Glass panels wrap around a bed that is strategically placed so that the Aurora Borealis can be viewed from the ultimate cozy spot. The rest of the cabin includes a full kitchenette, a dining table with two chairs, along with a private bathroom.

The tiny glass cabin is located in Hvalfjorour, Iceland, which is just a short 30-minute drive from the city of Reykjavik and can only be accessed by car. The area for which the glass cabin is located is remote, quiet and private, which makes it the ideal spot for viewing the Northern Lights at night, as well as scenic hiking during the day. The tiny cabin includes a private outdoor area with a hot soaking tub. The soaking tub for the tiny cabin is consistently heated to 102 degrees. The Glass Lodge also includes a spa bathroom with a rain shower head. In addition to the hot tub at the cabin, there is also a 129-square-foot outdoor terrace with a small table and two chairs so you can enjoy al fresco meals. The secluded location is perfect for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or anyone who is looking to take a solo trip.

If you've never experienced the beauty that is the Northern Lights, the Panorama Glass Lodge is a wonderful chance to do just hat. It is important to note that you can only see the northern lights during the winter months when it is dark outside (which in this part of the world is from around late August to late April). Also, you can only see the Northern Lights if it's cloudless outside, not raining or snowing. There is no certain time that they will appear the most. The Northern Lights can appear from early in the evening to early morning. You want to make sure and look up in the sky often when it's dark outside. When visiting the glass cabin, you can check the aurora forecast and cloud cover forecast every 15 minutes to see how lucky your chances might be. Sometimes the Northern Lights are not very active, and you do not see them even on when it is a cloudless night. So while it is not guaranteed you will see the Northern Lights on your holidays, you will still get to experience the beauty of this location.

Generally, it is said that if you can see the stars and you are patient and staring into the sky for hours, then your chances are high that you may see the lights. The months of December and January are usually the months when there are the heaviest storms, and there are a lot of storms in this area, so these months the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are a bit smaller that you will see the Auroras but not impossible, with every year being different.

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