The Timberline Trailer Looks Like a Little Cabin On Wheels

Homegrown Trailers are a different type of trailer. Not only are they made out of wood making them look like a little cabin on wheels, this means that they will also retain their value over time making it a great investment. Trailers made out of synthetic materials will often deteriorate faster than these trailers made out of natural, wood materials. Wood lasts longer and ages better than plastics and synthetics, and it can often protect better from mould, insects and water damage. Plus, they look great too, don't you think? The company offers two models - the Woodland and the Timberline which each come with different features and designs. The Timberline is their new model, and it's just as sleek and beautiful as the Woodland design. These trailers are great for camping and having a cottage on the go, or they are also great for parking on your land to have a guesthouse for family and friends to stay in, or to rent out as a vacation home. The Timberline comes with a bunch of great amenities as well as add-ons like solar power with advanced batteries. Price starts at $49,995 for the Timberline, and that comes with the on-grid package that plugs into an RV or electrical outlet, a city water connection, sewer hookup but with no solar cells or batteries. The trailers sleep up to 5 people with 7 feet of headroom at the highest point. There are bunks to sleep more people as well as sleeping areas on the main floor.

The kitchen includes a sink, fridge and a cooktop to make mealtime easier than cooking over an open fire. So even on rainy days, you can enjoy homemade meals at your convenience. You can choose from either bunk beds or a dinette, a 2.6 cu ft or 3.1 cu ft fridge, add in heat and air conditioning to make it even more comfortable. Trailers come with lots of 120V power outlets, a grey water tank and lots of windows for airflow and natural light. The off-grid packages for this trailer start at $57,495 and come with 600-800 watts of solar panels and 3.6-6.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery capacity. For those living in Washington, it's easy to visit their showroom in Kirkland to see the trailers in person and get a better idea of what they have to offer. They really want to help people get into the trailer of their dreams that can last for a lifetime of use.

The CEO of Home Grown Trailers is Corey Weathers who has always loved adventure and being outdoors. But when he had a family of his own, he quickly realized that sleeping on the ground in tents wasn't a great option, so he went on to create a solution. At the time he was a sustainability consultant, so he wanted to find a trailer that was sustainable and comfortable, but when he saw that there wasn't really anything like that on the market, he went on to see about creating his own. He set out to design a travel trailer that was made out of sustainable materials that were healthy and environmentally friendly. He also wanted something that was easy to pull with a car or SUV. Luckily he had some good friends who worked in construction and created the first Home Grown Trailer. The trailer got attention everywhere he and his family went in it so he and his friends Eric Gertsman, James Jenkins, Kirk Robinson, and Josh Moreman decided to replicate the trailer so other families could enjoy a sustainable and comfortable camping experience. Now anyone can own a trailer like the Timberline and enjoy the comforts of a wood cabin on the go.

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