Spend a Night in a Chalet in the Trees in Quebec

Dior and Sylvain share this beautiful tree house accommodation through Airbnb for anyone to rent and stay in. If you've ever wanted the chance to stay in a cool tree-house, this is it. The bed and breakfast in the trees gets great reviews and seems to be well-loved by everyone who has stayed in it. It's near the village of Nominingue in Quebec a place where nature is plentiful. It's close to a lake and plenty of fun outdoor activities, so it would be perfect for people who love to get outside and enjoy nature. The couple says that guests will appreciate the tranquillity and charm of tree house as its unlike many of the other places listed on Airbnb in the area. It can accommodate solo travellers, couples as well as small families with kids. Think about how awesome it would be to take your kids here; they would have a blast. Your inner child is sure to love it too. The treehouse is more than 5 meters in the air with access by a suspended footbridge. For those who would prefer to stay on the ground, they also have a hobbit house, a yurt or a tipi people can stay in as well. So you can take your pick of interesting places to stay on this retreat in nature and maybe even book each one of them for separate vacations.

The suspended bridge is expertly made so it's completely safe and there is no worry using it. Approaching the treehouse, it really looks like a log cabin up in the trees which is pretty cool. They used log siding to make it look like a log house and also created a really cool natural tree limb bannister for the deck. Inside the treehouse cabin, there is more wood panelling which makes it look even more like a proper wood cabin in the forest. There's also a nice little wood burning stove in the corner to keep the entire cabin warm while you're there so long as you know how to build a good fire. On the main floor is the living room area with a futon in it, making for a comfortable and safe place for the kids to sleep. Or for two travellers staying there together who want to have separate beds. The high ceilings make the entire space feel open and spacious even though it's quite compact. Then above the futon is the upper loft where the bed is. They laid out two futon mattresses on the floor of the loft with pillows to make the perfect comfortable space to sleep in. There is also some netting below the loft which is great for additional storage space too.

Only the mattresses and pillows will be provided to guests so all guests must bring their own blankets, sheets or sleeping bags. This is good to know, so you don't show up without any bedding. They also have bedding that guests can rent for a fee upon previous request so make sure you ask them before your arrival. The couple will welcome you and get you set up, and to answer any questions you might have. There is so much to do in the area like ice fishing, dog sledding, trapping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, cycling, and more depending on the season. So will have a truly Canadian experience in this accommodation. This could be a great way to try out a treehouse if that's something you've always wanted to try. It would be a nice way to unplug from your busy life and get back in touch with yourself and nature.

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