Cozy Log Cabin in The Arctic Circle With Beautiful Forest Views

This gorgeous log cabin located in the Arctic Circle in Finland has a simple design that is timeless. The wood cabin has a small back covered entrance and a back covered patio, perfect for entertaining or just hanging out to look at the view. The two storey cabin building has an open floorplan on the main floor to include the living area, kitchen and dining area. The main floor also has a fireplace to help warm things and plenty of windows to enjoy the natural surroundings. The front of the house has full windows which help to make the wood cabin feel spacious and fill it with natural light. Inside their is light wood on the walls, floor and ceiling which also helps to make the log house feel bright. One of the best parts about this cabin building is the sauna with the shower beside it, which has a spa-like feel. Finland has a population of 5.3 million, and it is said that there are two million saunas in Finland. You'll find saunas in city apartments and in-country cottages throughout the country.

This cabin building was built by Mammutti a company known for its quality builds. Their factory is located amid the best raw building material sources, surrounded by pine tree forests that have grown perfectly into shape in the arctic conditions in Northern Finland. The road, sea and rail transportation possibilities for this location are excellent. Responsible forest management is part of the Finnish tradition, and their wood-processing know-how and skills in manufacturing wood cabins and log houses are widely recognized all over the world. Their log cabin factory production allows them to deliver hundreds of log houses each year. They deliver most of their log houses during the spring and the summer seasons.

There are several benefits to living and staying in a log house or cabin building. Log houses are both safe and healthy to live. A cabin building is safe, and the reason for this is that the logs breathe correctly so to keep the indoor air healthy even for people who have allergies. A cabin building is also a good choice to save money in the long run as they are known to be timeless. A cabin building can last for hundreds of years if it is properly built and maintained, it can last many generations. A Mammutti Log House or cabin building is a safe investment that retains its value over time.

These log house builders have a variety of log house designs and cabin buildings to choose from. Whether you want protruding traditional wooden corner joints on the log house's salient corners, or corners with impressive corner boards, there are several options. Everything is possible with a Mammutti Log House if you don't want massive logs to be visible in the interior walls you can also choose for the logs to be covered with building boards, tiles or stone surfaces. It goes to show the versatility of log houses, as you can still benefit from the thermal mass and safety of logs, with a variety of designs.

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