The Light Weight Protohaus

Embrace the art of living free in The Light Weight Protohaus, a mini house from Protohaus. The ProtoStoga is a more lightweight and more easily portable version of the company's ProtoHaus which weights around 9,500 pounds whereas the ProtoStoga weighs in at a mere 1,500 pounds. Having a tiny house on wheels that weighs less makes it easier to transport from place to place, lending to the nomadic lifestyle that people who live in tiny houses thrive on. As it weighs only 1,500 pounds, the towing capacity of the vehicle towing the ProtoStoga doesn't have to be as high as when towing other heavier tiny houses on wheels.

The lightweight, tiny house on wheels will also cost less to tow in the long run because when you are towing anything behind your vehicle, you know that heavier trailers will end up guzzling more of your gas. The ProtoStoga has a total square footage of around 40 square feet, which is enough room to put a bed and a little bit of extra room for anything else you may want in your mini house. The ProtoStoga looks so sweet and resembles an old-fashioned wagon from the pioneer days or a gypsy caravan. But instead of the cloth covered wagon, you have a sturdy and strong wagon with an arched metal roof, and the body is constructed all out of solid wood.

This type of mini house would be perfect for people on the go, as well as people who have to move to different locations to work. The ProtoStoga also would work great as a little guest cabin for when you have visitors come to your place or for if you need a little extra room on your property for a studio or a little home office. There are just so many different uses for this sweet tiny house on wheels. When it comes to tiny cabin designs, this is about as small as you can get, so it also probably wouldn't cost too much either.

The homes from Protohause are also built primarily with recycled and reclaimed supplies as well, which helps to keep costs down while having a lesser carbon footprint. Each of the tiny cabin designs implements black and grey water systems and wind power and solar power as well, which makes their models easy to be off-grid, which more and more people are looking for these days. The builders are proud of their design, and they left their first model open for people to have tours of when they first built it so that people could get a real life look at a tiny house on wheels.

While we are no longer pioneers having to settle the land, people are feeling the need to rewind to a simpler way of life in a time where life can seem too hectic and full of pressures from the outside world. Tiny house living is a way for people to empower themselves by taking their lives into their own hands and design a life that they think is worth living regardless of what anyone else will think or say about it. Through living a simpler life and embracing the ways of being connected to our earth, we are once again finding our purpose in the art of simplicity. Tiny houses not only provide us with one of our most basic human needs, which is shelter but they also fuel creativity and promote conscious living.

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