The Perfect Small Starter Tiny House

This start small tiny house on wheels has everything a tiny house needs and more even though it's only 20 feet long. Micro homes like these ones are being built in droves by people just like you or by companies who specialize in building tiny houses on wheels. This tiny house is just 20 feet long by 8 feet wide and the designers have done a fantastic job of making use of the space in the home. The tiny home design is one of the most crucial aspects of building a tiny house. People have to come up with a design that works well for them and that utilizes every square inch of the floor plan. For a 20 foot trailer, this tiny home design is pretty well implemented, with space to relax and lounge, as well as enough space to prepare meals and a really nice space to sleep in, with a pop out area for the bedroom.

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Most micro homes that have lofts are usually equipped with a ladder to reach the loft spaces, but this one is actually designed with stairs. The stairs make getting in and out of the bedroom loft much easier and plus the staircase doubles as storage space as a bonus. The use of windows in this space is wonderful, the many windows thought the tiny house on wheels as well as the entry door which is glass, gives the interior of the house a lot of light as well as opening the space up quite substantially. All of the lighter coloured wood that has been used in the tiny home design keeps the place nice and light and really airy as well which is important in achieving a sense of spaciousness in a tiny space like this one. There are shelves that are used throughout the tiny home design that provide ample space for sting books and displaying art. The minimalist design that they went with is also great for the sense of openness of the home.

There is a gas two burner stove top and a mini fridge in the kitchen as well as a nice and stylish stainless steel sink. The kitchen looks really sleek and modern and like it would be the perfect place to cook healthy meals. The bathroom is a nice size for a tiny house and there is a great sink with a window over top of it. As well as a full sized shower stall. Some micro homes even work bathtubs into there tiny home design which is wonderful for all of the people that can't live without a bathtub in their home. The exterior finishes on the tiny house are very interesting, using a mixture of wood panelling and steel sheets. The overall look is quite contemporary and stylish. There is also an outdoor shower on the end of the tiny home where the bathroom is located which is a really great idea.

Great for outdoor showers in the summer time. The owners have even built a little deck on the front of the tiny house where the main entrance is which is another great way to extend the living space of the tiny house. Tiny house living is really causing a revolution in the way people see housing. With so many people who can't afford to buy a new house, this is the perfect way for people to own their own home debt free and be able to save money to do the things they love to do in life.

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