The Red House Container Home Stands Out With A Pop Of Color

New Zealand is home to some of the most incredible homes in the world, and this one is another great design in Titirangi, New Zealand. The Red House was created by a New Zealand architect Ken Crosson from Auckland who won an award in Germany for the design of this red house. He won the German Design Award 2018 for the house, and it also made the World Architecture Festival shortlist in 2016. He's also been a presenter on the New Zealand Home series on TV. The Federal Republic of Germany has a list of criteria that the home must meet before granting an award, and this house met all of those requirements with flying colours. The home looks like one of the container homes that have been very popular lately. But this home is not built out of recycled shipping containers at all. The home is constructed out of red corrugated iron which gives it the look of a shipping container but allows it to be 100% new construction. So essentially, they created a container of their own which is why this home could still be considered a container home on some level. The house is defined by the red exterior which stands out from the beautiful lush green surroundings. The house also features beautiful windows on all levels including top-hung windows on pneumatic lifts, so the home is protected from the elements yet connected to the outside world.

They also added in a glass roof which connects the interior to the roof deck. The deck up top provides some great space to sit out in the sun overlooking the surrounding landscape. It's placed just above the trees too so you'd feel like you're right up in the treetops sitting up there. With all of the windows, it also allows the home to glow like a lantern at night which looks really beautiful. One of the other impressive windows is the long thick window on one of the sides of the home which extends the entire height of the house's upper level. This window creates a seamless flow from the outside world to the interior of the home creating a connection with nature. Even though the exterior is clad with metal, the inside is covered with natural plywood and timber which also gives it a natural feel. All of the cabinetry in the kitchen is also timber which provides a cozy, warm ambiance in the home. The Red House design was kept compact making it very cost effective. The metal siding and plywood wall cover they chose also kept the cost of the home lower too. On the main level, there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a gallery space and a clear sliding wall. Then on the second level, there is art and memorabilia everywhere with the skylights that allow so much great light in.

The living areas are nice and open with no strong definition to each of them. The living room has very comfortable furniture, much like a regular home and a fireplace to keep the home warm on colder days. The kitchen is all along one wall with a nice amount of counter space and a large range and oven. All of the cabinetry provides plenty of storage space, and they've also added in free-standing shelves here and there for additional storage. Right behind the kitchen is a large dining table which would be perfect for fitting a large group of people for dinner or for just a few people to gather. This home has so much warmth and coziness that you might not expect from a container home. It's no wonder it won the award, and it was very well deserved.

More about this story can be found at: Crosson Architects

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