The Yays Crane Apartment - Stay in This Container Home Housed In a Crane!

The Yays is a three-storey luxury Crane apartment that is housed in a historic crane that boasts one bedroom, a living area, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, a modern bathroom a separate shower and a large bathtub. The Yays Crane Apartment is the ultimate hotel experience for anyone interested in history, exclusivity and privacy. The Yays Crane Apartment is set in a 1957 industrial Figee crane, an icon for the history of the city. The crane was thoroughly renovated and transformed into a luxury three storey apartment, suitable for a maximum of two adults. The Crane Apartment is located on the KNSM Island, which has served as a bridge between the Netherlands and the rest of the area after WWII. From the Yays Crane Apartment, you can enjoy views of the IJ river from the comfort of your comfy bed and have access to a Yays bicycle, a variety of exclusive services for a hotel experience that you will never forget. Staying in the Yays Crane Apartment is like travelling back in time.

The interior of this unique hotel room is by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet and has special attention to the authentic details of the industrial past of the historic structure. KNSM Island is the former industrial harbor that has been turned into a creative hub, in this charming neighborhood in the Eastern part of Amsterdam, with many stories to tell. This historic location was once the epicenter of world trade in the 19th century when the VOC traders and world explorers left this location for the Indies and the Americas on their magnificent ships. Today it's a dynamic area with lots of art galleries, hip restaurants, local shops, and interesting sights. During your stay, you might visit the National Maritime Museum and learn about the history of the city, see some art at the creative melting pot Loods6 or enjoy a walk in one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, the Hortus Botanicus. If you love architecture, you can enjoy one of the many uniquely designed bridges that connect the islands and the architectural designs that are all within a short distance from The Yays Crane Apartment.

The building used to function as the first class departure and arrival hall of the former K.N.S.M. (Royal Dutch Steamboat Company) in the fifties. The terrace for the hotel has been awarded as one of the best holiday-feeling terraces by the Amsterdam based newspaper. The Yays Crane Apartment is a unique experience for a special stay in Amsterdam, in the historic Figee crane that was renovated and repurposed into a luxury apartment. You'll love the panoramic view from the upper deck of the apartment while on your unique Amsterdam vacation stay.

The Yays Crane apartment is just one of the Yays hotels you will find. Other Yays hotels include the Yays Sagrera that opened in 2017 Barcelona in the lovely La Sagrera neighborhood, and another that opened in 2018 you with Yays in Paris and Antwerp.

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