Architect Builds a Tiny House Studio as a Private Workspace

This tiny garden studio located in a backyard in Toronto, Canada is sure to inspire. Oliver Dang is the founder of architectural firm Six Four Five A, and he has constructed a tiny timber workspace for himself at the end of his backyard garden. Dang created the space for his young family who needed a separate office and to expand their interior living space. Garden Studio designed the walled oasis and a safe green space for their one-year-old to run around. The tiny cabin uses cedar strips and matching wood boards for the decking, fencing and the tiny studio cladding to help create a unified space to frame the well-grown trees and green lawn in the backyard.

Inside the tiny cabin you'll find a vaulted ceiling designed to reflect the angle of the southern sun in the space and to allow for maximum sunlight into the tiny studio. Inside the tiny cabin there is stud wall storage that allows their books to be displayed as artwork. The custom storage in the tiny cabin between the wall studs helps to free up the floor space. The tiny studio is visually and physically connected to the backyard and house to allow them to connect as a family more easily.

The tiny cabin is 100-square-foot workspace which makes the perfect office space which is separated from the rest of their house, with great views of the grassy play area where their one-year-old child plays. The tiny studio is located at the back of the garden, and it takes up nearly entire width of the yard. The tiny studio is clad in cedar slats, which match the cedar planks that are also used for the surrounding fence. The tiny cabin has a small porch that provides enough space for a chair or two. Inside the tiny studio there is a piece of salvaged white Carrara marble that was salvaged from a skyscraper in the city that forms a durable threshold for the one-room studio, which is paneled in plywood. Inside the exposed vertical studs provide a unique support for a wall of bookshelves. There is an architect’s drawing board that is placed beneath the square window that overlooks the garden.

The vaulted ceiling with the two skylights provides a sense of spaciousness and also brings in plenty of natural light above the built-in, standing-height computer desk. Beneath the computer desk is a custom storage setup that reduces the amount of visible clutter and freeing up floorspace. The tiny cabin is enclosed by high fencing, that is positioned between old trees close to the lot. The same cedar wood is also used for cabin decking, and the cladding for the 100-square-foot-high cabin building. On the front facade of the tiny cabin the timber strips are arranged vertically up to the asymmetric pitched roof. The cabin building has a white-framed door and a large window are set into this wall. Dang founded his architectural design firm after eight years of working for other architectural design practices.

More about this story can be found at: Six Four Five A

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