Mini City Greenhouses Make Tiny Gardens For Plants and Bees

How cool would it be to walk through a city and see these cute tiny greenhouses around? One designer created had the idea of creating these cool self-sustaining ecosystems to add to the city landscape to create buildings that are alive in a sense. They are grown from living plants or fungi to bring more nature into the concrete jungle. These greenhouses will also make cities more livable and more sustainable. The idea came from Danish designer Simon Hjermind Jensen of SHJWORK, and he calls this installation in Copenhagen - Biotope. They are mini-greenhouses that house different plants under a 4-millimetre-thick polycarbonate shell that's set up on a concrete bowl which collects rainwater. It's a three-year experiment to set up these greenhouses in some of the busiest areas in the city and to see if they can continue to live without human interference. The other great things about these mini greenhouses is that they provide a place for bees to find safety flowers to gather pollen from. The bees can access the inside of these pods through small openings, and they can also have a safe place to set up hives. This is such an important piece of the project that will help not only plants thrive but also the bees which our planet and humans need to survive. Without bees, we wouldn't have a large amount of the fruits and vegetables we have today, so we need to give them safe places and abundant flowers to thrive.

Also, rainwater is collected at the base of the concrete bowl getting into the pod through holes at the bottom of the polycarbonate shell. They plant 60 types of seeds n the soil which will sprout up on their own thanks to the perfect environment the pod creates where they get adequate sun, water and air. The outside edge of the pod will be a bench for people to sit on and check out the mini greenhouse. The entire greenhouse will measure 23 feet by 13 feet by 9.8 feet. The pods were created using only digital fabrication techniques and was designed to be like an organic looking organism. With climate change, this type of project is essential to the well being and betterment of our cities and communities so that we can live in harmony with the earth instead of just on the earth. This type of project could be applied to a larger scale as well which would create microclimates and ideal living environments for people all around the world. As the climate changes, it's important to think of these kinds of ideas so that we can help alleviate as much pressure and stress on the earth as possible creating buildings where plants are a natural incorporation of the building itself.

Many people are also building small greenhouses in their backyards and growing gardens of their own in their front or backyards. This can help to add more flowers for bees to pollinate and get pollen from. It also helps us to care for and tend to the earth and be a steward of the earth. Growing fruits and vegetables in our gardens is a great way to become more eco-friendly, and it's a great way to save money and eat healthy, fresh food. While this project is quite elaborate, there are many different DIY projects out there for greenhouses that are easily built out of lumber and plastic wrap. As well as DIY projects for building greenhouses out of recycled glass windows and doors. What do you think of these little greenhouses? Would you enjoy seeing them in your community?

More about this story can be found at: SHJWORK

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