Could You Spend a Little Time in this Charming Little Beach Cottage?

There are some homes and cottages that you see and fall in love with right away. This Goose Rocks Beach Cottage is one of those cottages, located just at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine this charming 960 square foot tiny cottage overlooks the ocean from its beachside location. The exterior of this oceanside tiny cottage is quite beautiful. It fits perfectly with its beachside location. With light, almost weathered looking wood shingles, white trimmed windows and a blue door and matching window flower boxes. The tiny cottage looks like part of the sky. Just steps from the beach, with ocean views from everywhere you are in the tiny cottage.

Inside has everything you need with a tiny kitchen and an open living/dining area that overlooks the ocean. White walls and wooden beams throughout make it feel spacious. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, each with two single beds, so there is lots of room for guests or a family to stay. You would never want to leave the back patio, with its beautiful ocean view. So close to the ocean, you would hear the waves, and get that beautiful ocean breeze and air. This tiny cottage is the ideal space; the cottage compliments its beautiful location looking like it has always been a part of the landscape. You wouldn't want to leave this idyllic spot. It's the type of location that inspires creativity and relaxation.

With tiny house living more popular than ever, there have never been so many tiny house plans and tiny house designs to choose from. But seriously it's no wonder because what these tiny cottages lack in size they make up for in style and design. Who says the size of your house matters? It's the design that counts. It may come as no surprise to some, but tiny houses are big on design. When you have less space to work with you can concentrate on all areas of the tiny house. With a smaller living area to work with, tiny house homeowners can get creative and make the most of every bit of their tiny house.

Tiny cottages are not limited just because they have less square footage, but quite the opposite. Just when you think you've seen the cutest tiny house ever, you will see another one that even raises the bar higher. It is an exciting time in tiny house movement to see what is going on with small house spaces, the unique designs and concepts that you can see from all over the world will inspire and amaze you. It's also awesome that people are buying older cabins and then are renovating them to bring in their own style and to freshen the space up. This is such a great way to save resources and give a building another chance to be used instead of just building new and using all new materials. So which would you prefer? A brand new cabin or a refurbished cottage that you've renovated yourself and made your own?

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