The Pinecone Treehouse Offers 360 Degree Views of the Forest's Canopy

The Pinecone Treehouse is like nothing you've seen before. This unique small house plan floats high in the tree branches in the Redwood forest of Bonny Doon. This treehouse immerses you in 360-degree views of the forest's upper canopy. The Pinecone Treehouse is an awe-inspiring tiny house design that connects you with nature and inspires relaxation, reflection and imagination. The Pinecone Treehouse is available to rent on a nightly basis so you can experience this unique vacation idea, tap into your higher self, and rediscover your inner calm. The lovely tiny house is cradled by the California Redwoods. Imagine going to sleep while being able to see the stars through the tree branches and waking up to the rustling of the trees with the forest in full view. The Pinecone Treehouse will leave you feeling refreshed, reconnected, inspired, and recommitted to yourself, your dreams and to nature. The treehouse experience is one of a kind adventure and is sure to be an experience that you will want to share with your friends or come back to try again and again.

The Pinecone treehouse sits 35 feet above the ground on the uphill side and almost 60feet from the ground on the downhill side. The two triangles shaped see-through floor panels; this treehouse makes you feel as though they you are flying through the upper Redwood canopy. Entry and exit to and from the treehouse doesn't require a bit of effort to ascend and to descend the steep alternating step entry treehouse ladder as well as to pass through the trap door if you are not of sure-step the owners recommend using the harness safety system.

Guests to the Pinecone Treehouse can access the single room treehouse accommodation which hangs 35 feet above the forest floor. The treehouse is accessed by a 30 foot 60-degree alternating step access ladder. Guests to the tiny house are encouraged to use the harness and ascension safety system. This, of course, is up to the guest and what they feel most comfortable with. The bathroom is located at ground level in a mini treehouse structure and includes a hot shower, a composting toilet and sink. Guests to the treehouse must descend the treehouse ladder to ground level and then continue on the catwalk bridge to access the bathroom. It's worth the effort, as guests can enjoy a shower with beautiful views of the forest canopy. Although if you require quick access to the bathroom, this might not be the treehouse rental for you.

Its recommended that guests keep their larger hard-case roll bags in the bathroom or the car with a parking lot near by and bring a backpack to make it easier to bring items in and out of the treehouse. The steep entry ladder to the treehouse and trap door entry makes it a lot easier to manage with a small backpack versus a large suitcase. The treehouse has full surround windows which can make the treehouse a bit chilly at night. There are additional blankets that are provided in the treehouse if they are needed. You'll want to bring warm clothing such as long johns, wool socks, and a winter hat just in case needed. This is a one of a kind experience you won't soon forget.

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