The Woodman's Luxury Treehouse Complete With Hot Tub and Sauna!

Feel like a child again and stay in the treetop canopy in this unique small house plan. The Woodman's Treehouse located in Dorset is located just a short drive away from the beautiful Jurassic Coastline. Inside this unique small house plan, there are all the comforts of home with a bespoke kitchen, a king-sized mattress and leather armchairs. The tiny house has a spacious rear deck that is perfect for getting some fresh air and has an open-air tree shower along with a wood-fired pizza oven. The treehouse has a woodland-view spa that is hidden high on the top deck along with an open-air hot tub and a private sauna. The treehouse cabin building is part of a wider glamping facility that has a handful of Shepherds Huts, Tipis and Bell Tents. There is a minimum rental period of this unique cabin of two night on weekdays and three nights on weekends. There is a no noise policy which lends to its peaceful atmosphere.

This beautifully finished tiny cabin is a good way to destress and spend some time in nature. When staying at this unique vacation rental, you can go for a walk in the forest. The tiny cabin is perched up high in Dorset’s wise oak trees and gives the feeling of fairytales, myths and romance. The Woodman’s Treehouse is expertly handcrafted with luxurious finishes. It is a place where you can explore the ancient surroundings woodlands, the babbling brook, the meadows and the Jurassic Coast. When the sun goes down, you can sit back and stare at the moon and the stars or go for a walk along the star-lit paths back that lead up to your treehouse rental.

Inside this unique small house plan, you will find a light-flooded bedroom that overlooks the circular living area that has a freestanding copper bathtub that looks out over the treetops. The tiny cabin building has all the comforts of home with its bespoke kitchen, king-sized bed and comfy leather armchairs. The cabin has a revolving wood burner that keeps everything warm and cozy, along with plush cushions, thick blankets, and candles throughout. The cabin has minimalist wood finishes that blend in with its woodland setting and offers scenic views. The cabin building has a window in the floor that looks down onto the meandering stream down below, while a skylight in the bedroom looks up into the tree leaves. The cabin building has a modern bathroom with a flushing toilet and hot running water.

Outside you will find a rear deck where you can sit and get some fresh air and watch the birds by or the rabbits down below. You might have an open-air tree shower or use the modern outdoor barbeque or wood-fired pizza oven. If you follow the spiral staircase up to the top of the treehouse, you will find the outdoor hot tub and sauna. The treehouse is located in a lovely natural location just a short drive from the stunning Jurassic Coastline. Take a walk along the coast and see dramatic cliff faces, before you stop off at one of the famous, seafront restaurants.

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