The Moderate Log House is Japanese Design at Its Best

The Japanesque House "Moderate House" is a log cabin design from Bess. This cabin building has plenty of features to love. The log cabin has a large wooden roof that also covers the front patio. Other features include the climbing beams that run through the ceiling, a diagonal ceiling with a splendid colonnade. The ceiling makes a strong statement with a climbing beam that runs towards the sky to create a spread of space and a sense of freedom.

The cabin building has a wide edge that connects the inside and outside. An open space with the inner and the outer edges taken, the wood cabin feels like being outside as well as being inside. The large roof on the cabin building creates shadows there, creating a space full of emotions. There is a wood stove that makes for a relaxing time, with a flickering flame that causes a shadow inside the room. The warmth of the firewood in the woodstove creates a burning fragrance, and the warmth from the fire warms up to the core of the body, as relaxed, blissful time flows. The entrance to the cabin building creates style, offering a depth of taste, with a relationship that enters the way of Genkai. The framed entrance to the wood cabin combines a heavy wooden door, and a triple-framed boring process frame is resolute from dignity.

The Japanese House has a spa-like bathroom with a great bathtub. Stylish latticed doors between the inside and outside moderately. When inside, the latticed doors help to create shadow and keep the house cooler on sunny days. "Hachikaze" connects the tatami room to the living room without any disturbance. This is one cabin building that practices simplicity which lends to the calm feeling you have when you enter this log cabin design. The Moderate cabin has 1,162 square feet of space over two floors, with 635 square feet on the main floor and 527 square feet on the second floor. This cabin design has a nice sized covered porch, perfect for getting some shade on a hot day or a place to sit back and relax. Wood throughout makes this cabin design feel warm with the patterned light from the lattice sliding doors to make you feel inspired.

A tatami room is a fixture in washitsu, or of traditional Japanese interior design. The rooms were once the mark of nobility, modern tatami rooms now often serve as study areas in temples and as sleeping or living areas in homes. The tatami room typically has simple furnishings and an open atmosphere, which can bring the Far East into any Western styled home. The open feel of the tatami room is meant to provide peace of mind and relaxation. In traditional Japanese culture, the tatami room often served to help entertain visitors, house a religious altar or conduct tea ceremonies. The tatami room has an airy design, simple decor and straw mats which also help to alleviate the heat of the humid Japanese summers. Today some tatami rooms are used as meditative spaces or yoga rooms, thanks to their airiness and minimalist furnishings.

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