Featured Log Builder: Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes

Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes are log builders located in Northern Michigan. The log home contractors established in 1993, have developed a diverse line of high quality, handcrafted log home products that allow for a variety of log house construction styles. Log house designs can be as simple as a log cabin set in the woods, or a sprawling lakefront log home used as a place for family and friends to gather. Log home builders, Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes combine old-world log house craftsmanship, innovative building techniques that begins in the forest and continues long after your log house project is complete. The results are log houses of uncompromising quality, with enduring design and long-lasting builds.

Whether you are purchasing a log house, building your own log home, or simply looking for an experienced log home builder, Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes can help make your log house ideas into complete working drawings. They do not have a book of standard plans. Instead, they work closely with you to achieve a log house floor plan that suits your lifestyle, tastes, satisfies your needs, is compatible with your log house budget and compliments your log house building site. They can also work with your log home builder or architect to assist with structural and aesthetic issues regarding the log house portion of your project.

Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Home Builders offer both full-scribed log houses and chink style log house construction. Both log house styles consist of full length (no butt joints), hand peeled logs that are hand-selected for both size and quality right from the forest. Full log homes are preassembled at the Timber Wolf Handcrafted construction yard where all of the scribing and notching is done. This helps to make the log house building reassembly move along efficiently once they arrive at your building site. Once your log house shell is assembled, the log home builder process should continue to flow smoothly because of their high level of preparation.

Full Scribe Log Construction. This type of log house construction requires the most skill and is also the most labor-intensive method of log home building. To produce a full-scribed log home, they scribe and hand cut each log to match the contours of the log below. The log home builder then has a double row of rubber gasket, along with a strip of wool insulation is hidden inside the log joinery to create a seamless, weather-tight fit. Full Scribe Log Construction. Log home builders, Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Homes’ scribing and notching techniques are designed to work with the characteristics of the fresh, unseasoned logs to produce the highest level of log joinery possible.

Chink Style Log House Construction. Chink style log house construction is produced by only notching the corner intersections of each log. The horizontal joints of the logs are then sealed with synthetic chinking building material to create a weatherproof structure. Timber Wolf Handcrafted Log Home Builders offer the option of kiln drying the logs for chink style homes to help reduce the amount of log shrinkage as well as the possibility of chinking failure that can also be associated with using fresh logs. Full Timber Frame Construction. Full timber frame construction is produced when the complete structure is built using large square timbers that are then connected using traditional frame joinery throughout.

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