Featured Log Builder: Waddington Log Homes

Waddington Log Homes, located in Montana, makes it their goal to provide its customers with the highest quality log homes available. They are built with only the best building materials that start with log selection. They have a variety of different log choices for their log cabin buildings to include Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Western Red Cedar and Engelmann Spruce, using only the finest logs that are available. Each log they use in their log homes is unique and is treated as an individual work of art, peeled by hand and joined to the log below with cunning work.

They offer log houses and cabin buildings built in either chink style or full scribe methods, using naturally shaped full round logs and full-length logs with an average diameter of 12 inches or more. The compression saddle notch is used to help keep the notch fitting tight as the logs shrink and the log house naturally settles. When a log kit leaves the construction yard, all of the log work and any of the specialty work such as specific log crafting is done. Anything work that is left will be standard log house construction work that any skilled contractor can do. All of the log work for the log house will be cut to accept any interior walls that will be framed in, and all of the openings will be cut to accept standard windows and door jambs.

Waddington Log Homes encourage their customers to selective when choosing a contractor in their area to finish out the log house kit. This will include having the log house foundation built as well as building both the kitchen and bathrooms, installing kitchen cabinets and trim work, and applying the roofing material. The contractors will not have to use a chainsaw to complete any of the log houses that have already been done. ​Waddington Log Homes is a good choice when it comes to building your dream log house, and they strive to make each log home they build better than the last.

These log home builders in Montana are a Member of the International Log Builder's Association. The International Log Builders' Association's mission statement is dedicated to educating both their members and the public. The International Log Builders Association has the mandate to research, share and develop techniques that are relevant to the construction of superior handcrafted log cabin buildings. The International Log Builders' Association, was founded in 1974 as the Canadian Log Builders' Association and is a worldwide not-for-profit organization that is devoted to furthering the craft of log house construction. The International Log Builders Association produces educational material on log construction that it distributes to individuals, institutions, and industry. The ILBA is also dedicated to the advancement of log house builders, and to promotes the highest standards of their craft.

Waddington Log Homes have several log house floor plans available ranging in size between 484 square feet to 2,300 square feet in size. Located in Northwest Montana they have something to suit every budget and log house need.

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