See A Real Cedar Log Home Being Built From The Ground Up

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a log house or cabin? Neologis, a log builder from the south of France shows us how they handcraft a beautiful log cabin from scratch. Over in France, you'll often notice them referring to log cabins as a Fuste which is a French word meaning log house that goes way back in history. Over 3000 years ago people went into the forests gathering trees and hauling them to building sites to create their homes and barns, some of those buildings are still standing which is a true testament to how sturdy log homes are. The log homes and cabins built by Neologis are no different, and it's because they integrate the old building methods into their practices and they use the best wood possible. They say that the wood they use matches their values which are harmonious with nature. Each piece of wood, each tree is different and unique, just like every project is unique. So behind each great log home is high-quality wood and materials. Nicolas personally travels to the forests where the trees are harvested so he can choose the trees one by one. This rigorous process ensures that each of the trees is best suited for the specific project the company is working on.

They have specific criteria for how their logs and trees are chosen for each project including straightness, exposure to insects and elements and the age. So over the years of meeting with different suppliers, they have been able to find the best high-quality timber from responsibly managed forests. The age of a tree is specifically important, so they mainly choose trees that are 50 to 70 years but often up to 100 years for some large Larches or Spruce trees. These older trees have a high concentration of chemicals that act as insecticides and fungicides for resistance against rot, mould and insects, and that increases stability as well. Cuts are also made very precisely as well, usually in the winter and on certain lunar phases to maintain the quality and natural durability of the wood. The Larch tree is the most durable and resistant in time of all softwoods plus it has a beautiful red colour and intricate veining which provides a unique look for each home. Douglas Fir wood is also used in the building of their log homes and cabins, and it's one of the most popular types of wood used for building in general. But, the quality of the trees can vary greatly depending on the altitude, the soil and the age of the trees.

Nicolas found a treasure of a large spruce forest that's more than a century old which is where most of the materials for their homes comes from. These forests have strict rules with cutting plans so that the resources from this forest are used responsibly. They also use Cedarwood which is one of the most desirable types of wood in the world because of its durability and natural fungicide and insecticide. And, of course, it's amazing aroma. They use Cedarwood sparingly usually for their Russian banias or Finnish saunas. They also used it in post and beam construction or smaller houses. Once the logs and the design is chosen for the log home or cabin, the log builders can begin the project. You can see how each log is perfectly and expertly formed and shaped to fit the one beneath it and above it, how they create the perfect corners and doorways. The log homes from Neologis are some of the most beautiful natural log homes and can give a lot of inspiration for those who want their own log home.

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