One Look At This Bright and Spacious Log Cabin from Outaouais Log Homes and You'll Want One of Your Own

Check out this cute log cottage from Outaouais Log Homes. This is a plan that could be used to create a home or a cottage depending on the customer's needs. From the outside, this cottage looks nice and modern with plenty of windows spanning the front wall of the building. Through a door on the side of the cottage, there is a great enclosed patio which would be the perfect place to sit on a colder day to get some sun or in the summer when it's raining outside. These rooms also make a great spot for plants as well. Once inside, the home is bright and filled with light. It also feels really open and spacious thanks to the lighter wood and high ceilings in the main part of the home. The floor plan is also kept nice and open with the living room, dining room and kitchen areas all sharing one space. The living room also features a fireplace built into the home out of stone creating the perfect hearth that is essential for a log home or cabin. The kitchen is modern but suits the log cabin very well. It includes light coloured butcher block countertops, white cabinets and a tile backsplash as well as stainless steel appliances. This log home has everything and more in the kitchen making it the perfect place to make meals. The bathroom includes a bathtub and shower combined and a vanity as well as a flush toilet. It's also nice that the toilet and vanity are separate from the shower and there is a door that keeps them private from one another. That way when someone is taking a bath or a shower, someone else is able to use the toilet or the sink in the bathroom. The bedrooms in this log home design are also nice and large with closet space for clothing and other items.

You can browse through the Outaouais Log Homes collection of different home designs where there is something for everyone. They have smaller log home and cottage plans like this one all the way up to larger log home plans. They are also very flexible in their design process, so they welcome people to share their own design ideas as well. Customers can also choose how much they want to be part of their design and building process as well, so they first get a sense of what type of customer the individual is, and they really want to know your ideas for the project as well as a budget to follow and any specific requests. It's nice that they work with their customers to first figure out the budget for a home before proceeding to look at models and plans. They pride themselves on being very transparent when it comes to the prices of building a log house, and they are also very flexible in working with their customers too. They don't want to push a bigger house than you want or need onto you, and they want to help customers find their dream house, not just something that was forced onto them.

Most of the homes they build are custom designs which means it's easier to go to them to ask for an estimate on a project you're thinking of building. That way you can get a more accurate idea of what it will cost to build the log home or cottage you're desiring. All of their homes are also made with high-quality materials in Canada. They are also available to order to the United States as well. They are built using premium wood, windows and products. It's also interesting that they don't kiln dry their logs because they use only living logs which will have no insects in them. They also feel that it's a waste of time and money to kiln dry the logs and they want to save their customers money wherever and however they can. Outaouais Log Homes also offers a Hybrid timber frame product which looks like a timber frame home without the high costs of a timber frame home.

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