The Greenwich Barn Home Includes a Spectacular Sun Room and a Wine Cellar

It's pretty amazing to see what can be done with an old barn. Especially this large old barn that was turned into a lovely home by Heritage Restorations. The barn was built back in 1870 made from huge sawn-timbers and used to function as a hay barn. Heritage Restorations was able to maintain the integrity of the original structure with vintage reclaimed barn wood as the flooring, ceiling and exterior siding. This saves money of course, but it also keeps some of the historical value of the barn and keeps the heritage of the area alive. This amazing barn now serves as a guest house as well as a garage and a wine cellar. Located in Connecticut, the property owners wanted to keep their barn intact while bringing it up to date a bit too by restoring it to a livable quality. They absolutely love the restorations Heritage Restorations did, and they are proud to show it to friends and family when they come to visit. There have also been articles written about the barn and the surrounding gardens that will make it into a book on Connecticut gardens. The owners have hosted family parties, benefits and more. Every person who goes into the barn home is speechless needless to say.

The barn home incorporated the classic Cupolas that are found on most heritage barns as well as a beautiful stone chimney on the side of the home. On the front, the company built a stunning glassed-in sunroom which makes for the perfect garden space to sit on the comfortable furniture and sip some afternoon tea. So rain or shine there is a way to feel like they're sitting outside without actually having to go outdoors at all. The barn measures 42 feet by 50 feet making it a very large space with 2,100 square feet in total. From the outside, it looks like a regular vintage barn with weathered wood siding and roofing. But then, once inside, the design takes an incredible turn. The soaring ceilings are left open to the living area below creating a huge space to meet with friends and family. No wonder the owners use this space for their gatherings and parties, it's the perfect open space. The impressive original posts and beams are so amazing to look at and imagine what life was like back when the barn was first built. From the centre, beam hangs a beautiful and large chandelier which brings in a bit of glamour into the living space.

Then the large fireplace is at the very back wall providing an anchor for the living space with two arched windows on either side. They placed windows up high and down low in a variety of sizes to create a lot of light in the barn home and to bring in views of the property without being too imposing. Right behind the living room area is the dining area with a grand table and chairs to sit for lovely dinners. Then behind that and off to the side is the stunning kitchen area which is any home chef's dream come true. Large stainless steel appliances and a huge ceramic farmhouse style sink would make food preparation a pleasure. As would all of the countertops and the great classic style island in the centre of the kitchen too. There's even some bar stool seating in the kitchen making good use of the countertops for eating as well. The wine cellar is another beautiful space as well and holds hundreds of bottles of wine with a tasting table in the centre. This barn home is certainly a masterpiece.

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