Country Barn Home With 2 Stories Of Living Space

This beautiful barn style house has two levels of living space for what makes a very comfortable home. The barn style house appears compact on the exterior, but it is very spacious inside. The interior of this barn home has a half-loft and two stories of comfortable living space. This is a barn style house that is meant for a mid-sized to large family to live comfortably. With all of the interior space that this barn style house offers it would be great for entertaining. It is a home design for those who love lots of space and comfort. Though two-level barn style houses used to be rare, they seem to be getting more popular these days.

A two-level barn style house is a great idea for those families who live with multi-generations. The grandparents could easily live with a couple and their kids, or however, depending on how your family is designed. There is plenty of space for everyone in this barn home. Once inside this barn style house, you forget you are in a barn as you are taken through the two floors of spacious living. The barn style house has plenty of windows to let in natural light which further adds to the warmth provided by the use of wood throughout. In the open living room/kitchen/dining area upstairs you still have the advantage of the high ceiling which further add to the spaciousness of this barn style house.

This 26 foot by 48-foot Ponderosa Country Barn Home features a half loft with two stories of living space. All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam barn style home kits feature the post and beam timber frame construction. Their beautiful custom designed barn home kits have been used as cabin buildings, full-time residences, lake houses, secondary homes, loft apartments, and combination use barn and home. Each barn is unique depending on its uses, rustic yet sophisticated, these barns are pre-manufactured, shipped as a barn kit, and built to last generations. This barn style house is located in Kansas.

Barns are a type of build that has been around for hundreds of years. Throughout American history, farmers built barn designs to help shelter their livestock and store their harvest. There are a variety of barn styles that can be found throughout the United States; each barn build suited to the environment where the barn resides. The barn design, especially if it is a very old barn design, is bound with the weather requirements of that particular location nd the cultural traditions of the farmers who lived in the region. One example of this is a steeply peaked roof, which is relevant to the regions that have considerable snowfall since the weight of the snow can bring the roof of a barn down. Such steep roof peaks only capture the heat in the hotter, more humid regions of the South. So while that particular style of barn building will still have a slope to help shed the rain and snow, the more southerly barns buildings add variation to help with the ventilation. An example of this is the airy monitor barns that help to ensure a breeze from the floor through to the ceiling through the monitor barns vents.

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