Texas Style Red Top Road Barn Home Restoration

Heritage Restoration is on a mission to restore some of the country's most beautiful barns and bring them back to life. Maintaining history is an important part of any culture, so it's wonderful that this company has made it their goal to breathe life back into some of the oldest structures in America. Restorations are not the easiest projects, but they are so rewarding, especially when you can see the bare elements of the home or barn like the beautiful beams and original wood from when the structure was first built. This barn home settled in a forest of huge oak trees was built in the 1850s making it almost 170 years old. The company was able to restore the barn's original form and add some modern touches to it to create the home you see today. The home still has all of the charm and the character of the barn it was for a hundred or so years, but now, it's been updated to be an incredible home that's perfect for the family living in it. Originally, the barn was made entirely out of wood with a post and beam wood frame and wood siding. Heritage Restoration was able to maintain the original frame and build around it to create a beautiful home with stone walls and drywall on the interior.

So they stripped the barn of its weathered wood siding and got all the way down to the beautiful frame which was still in very good condition. They even found some names etched into pieces of the wood that made the frame from the 1870s possibly from past owners or friends of the past owner. The current exterior walls are made from a mosaic of stone which suits the country home perfectly, and the chimney for the fireplace within the home also fits in perfectly with the barn home's design. They created two entrances on the same side of the house, both with awnings to protect them from the weather. One of the entrances leads into the living room area where there is the fireplace anchoring the space with very comfortable furniture to sit in and enjoy the space. It's also interesting how they combined two seating areas into one with the ottoman in the centre acting as the bridge between the two areas and each area having a sofa with a coffee table making this home perfect for entertaining. The soaring ceilings really catch the eye, and the exposed beams showcase the old frame of the barn keeping its heritage alive.

They installed track lighting above which can be changed to offer the perfect lighting in the room and they also installed a ceiling fan for air circulation. The barn measures 30 feet by 55 feet with 1,650 square feet of space, but it feels so much larger thanks to the high ceilings, windows and open concept floor plan. Right beside the living room is the kitchen which includes high-end stainless steel appliances and more than enough countertop space to cook amazing meals. There is also food prep island as well as a bar with stools for in-kitchen dining. There is also a formal dining area close by for family meals and gatherings. Yet again, making this home perfect for entertaining. The upper floor features not just one, but two loft spaces that overlook the main living area and there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms total. This would be a beautiful family home to create memories in and to cherish the past as well. Would you love to live in a restored barn home like this one?

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