A Cozy Ponderosa Country Barn Home with an Open Porch

Barn homes don't have to just be for the farmers; anyone can own one thanks to Sand Creek Post and Beam a company building post and beam barn homes in Nebraska. This 24 foot by 50-foot Ponderosa Country Barn Home is one of their designs they've completed, and they have many designs to choose from on their website. This customized barn home has a great 12-foot open porch with a fireplace which is one of the highlights of this design. There are also two 12-foot lean-to sheds which are great for storing outdoor tools, parking cars and storing other items. The entire exterior of the home is finished using beautiful wood siding which really gives it that country appeal. There are also barn doors on one of the sides of the house which lead to a great storage area for tractors, vehicles or even horses and other animals. It's a great way to keep the barn and the home connected to make everything much easier to handle. Inside, you wouldn't believe how open and spacious it is until you see it. There is an open living area which holds the dining area, kitchen and living room with exposed beams in the living room and polished concrete flooring. There's also a large stone fireplace in the living room that matches the fireplace on the porch. Big stone fireplace in the living area, and a lean-to on the side that is used as a screened in porch area, and as an outdoor covered patio space.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a bathroom as well as a space for a couple of extra beds for guests to use when they sleep over. The interior of the barn home is wood throughout which makes it nice and cozy, plus the fireplaces really warm it up too. This would be a great house for someone living out in the country or someone who wanted a rustic cabin to vacation in part-time. Each of the homes and barns from Sand Creek Post and Beam can be custom designed to suit the buyer and will be shipped out as a kit to be built on the property. There are so many different designs to choose from on their , and then you can contact them and set up a consultation where they guide you through each step of the design and building process. Sand Creek Post and Beam is one of the leading manufacturers of custom designed barn home kits located in Wayne, Nebraska. Their barn designs are based off of historic barn designs, and they use post and beam construction. They are a family owned business that takes pride and passion in their work and in keeping post and beam barn building alive. They have an in house design team to take care of the design end of the projects, and then their builders take over in constructing the barn home construction kits.

They have a bunch of different designs to choose from too including wood barns for storage and animal shelter, event barns, barn homes, pavilions, cabins, windmills, and more. So if you're interested in barn homes and live in North America, they are a great company to turn to for some great inspiration and for some design and building assistance. Living in a barn can be beautiful with the advancements in design and technology, and you can create the barn home you've always dreamed of. So instead of building a barn on your own or restoring an old barn going with a company like Sand Creek Post and Beam is an excellent choice.

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