This Stall Barn With Living Quarters Was Built For Michelle Of Hockley, Texas

A beautiful custom designed stall barn home was built for Michelle in Hockley, Texas by Morton Buildings. She wanted a barn with connected living quarters where she could keep her beloved animals and store other supplies. The entire barn home measures 40 feet wide by 10 feet high and 96 feet long. From the front, the home looks like a regular home with an angled roofline and a stone face with exposed posts and beams creating a covered patio. The covered patio creates the perfect place for Michelle to sit out under the ceiling fans in the patio ceiling to enjoy the views of her property and the horses in the fenced off area. Then, on the side of the home, you see access to the barn portion of the home through the big sliding barn doors. Through the doors are horse stalls where the horses can be protected and safe. There is also plenty of storage for supplies and tools as well which are always needed on a farm or a ranch like this. The stalls are made from steel and light grey wood with sliding doors for the horses to get in and out as well as a space for their heads to poke through and windows for them to look outside. They designed the horse stalls beautifully so that they have lots of space with the high ceilings and large footprint. It seems like the horses are outside a lot of the time too in their fenced-in area, plus they each have their own access to their own fenced in areas right from their indoor stall.

Inside the living area of the barn home, it looks just like a regular home or apartment with a great open living space and high ceilings with exposed beams. The living room area has some comfortable leather furniture with an entertainment centre and enough space for kids toys. Close by is the dining area with a beautiful farmhouse style table with both bench and chair seating. Then the kitchen is right beside the dining area with a bar for seating if need be and lots of space to cook and prepare meals. They added stainless steel appliances including a large fridge and a stove as well as a dishwasher and sink. The bedrooms are just off the main living area as well as the bathrooms giving them some privacy and space to themselves. The home has a very country farmhouse style with a modern twist for a fresh take on the country lifestyle. Michelle is extremely happy with her lovely home and barn, and she always recommends Morton Buildings when it comes to building barn homes. Morton Buildings is a company that has been around for over 110 years of building homes and barns with the best in materials and service.

You get what you pay for so cheaper is not always best when it comes to the construction of your home. Morton Buildings works with each customer's budget to find something that will work for them without skimping on the materials. So every customer is proud to show off their home when it's finished. The company is also an employee-owned company which means they are all dedicated to being the leaders in the building. Every barn home they build is different in its style and design, but every building will be given the same attention to detail and the same high-quality materials. They give people different floor plan options as well as insulation options, painting options, foundation options, door and window options and more. There is also the option of cupolas which just make a barn home look more like a classic country barn which you see on this home. Would you love to have a barn home like Michelle's?

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