The Ballard Cottage is Full of Character and Colour

The Ballard Cottage is a well-equipped cottage in a great urban location. The cottage feels spacious inside, tucked away above street level, this tiny home is a good size spacious enough for one or two people. This tiny cottage is designed by an architect and has a bright living area with a flat-screen television, breakfast nook, kitchen and sleeping space. The Ballard Cottage is 500 square feet in total with a lot of charm and personality. Inside is charming with bright coloured walls and an appealing decor. Surrounding the tiny house are mature trees, with a private patio and spacious yard. Inside there are Brazilian cherry floors, granite tile and a clawfoot tub.

This tiny cottage is a short distance from Ballard, one of Seattle's best urban neighbourhoods. It is a close walk to Old Ballard Avenue on Sunday for the outdoor Farmer’s Market or the Ballard Locks on Lake Union. It's also close to Ray’s Boathouse and Golden Gardens Park, one of the best beaches in Seattle. What this cottage lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in design and style. With a smaller space to work with, the homeowners got creative and make the most of every bit of the tiny cottage. Small spaces like this cottage are not limited just because they have less space, but quite the opposite. More and more we are seeing unique and tiny house and small cottage designs that just keep raising the bar. It is an exciting time to see what is going on with tiny home design, and the cool styles and concepts that you can see from all over the world with amaze and inspire you.

Cottages and small houses can serve a variety of needs and purposes. You may consider a cottage like this one to use as a guest house in your backyard, for when company comes over and you want them to have a place to stay that is separate from the house. Or maybe you'd like a tiny house to use as your backyard artist studio or writers cabin, away from all the noise of your busy house, a place to be inspired by and to get your work and creative things done. You can also use a tiny house for a vacation home, located on your ocean view piece of property. The options are endless.

If you have a plot of land and you're not sure what to build on it, building a small cottage like this one first is a great idea and then it can be built onto or another larger home can be built in addition to the small cottage. Other people rent out their cottages when they aren't using them to provide a bit of extra income which is also pretty smart. It would be fun to have a project like this to work on especially if you love all things to do with home building and design. Would you enjoy having a little cottage like this one? What would you use your cottage for?

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