A Welcoming Cottage on the Bille River in Germany

Marion's Cottage is the perfect example of a lovely little tiny home. The cottage is only 284 square feet, yet it has more than enough room for a couple of people or even a small family to use as a vacation home. This cottage is located in the family garden in Hamburg, Germany, right on the Bille river that flows through the city, complete with a boat to enjoy water activities. This would be such a lovely tiny house to live in, or even just to stay in as a vacation cabin. This is what this tiny cabin is primarily used for, is a weekend house where the lovely couple who built it stays when they need some downtime. And what a perfect place to have to enjoy.

The couple obtained the land to build their tiny cottage on through the garden allotment program in Germany. How this works is that the land is split into garden sections that people can purchase to use for growing gardens, or, in this case, building a tiny house. They were very pleased when they were able to get a riverfront property to boot. The scenery couldn't be more perfect for a tiny little cottage, the weeping willow trees and the foliage that surround their home, with the river flowing by makes for the perfect vacation destination.

Their tiny house build consists mainly of wood as you can see in the photos. They built their tiny cottage throughout a couple of years, with assistance from a carpenter as well as help from a friend of theirs. When you are building a home, having help is wonderful, especially from people who have some experience, or from a paid professional carpenter. This can save you time, in the long run, and running into issues or having them easily fixed if you do run into any. The result of their tiny home is gorgeous. The wood looks beautiful and so natural, with its natural amber glow. The interior has been kept natural as well, with the natural wood panelling and the exposed wooden beams. The nice small fireplace they have in the tiny house is perfect for heating the whole area when it is colder outside.

They have loft area where they can sleep, with dormers that give it just enough head space to not feel super cramped. Their bed looks so cozy and relaxing as well the pillows even say RELAX on them to make sure that they really relax while they are there. The outdoor area gives them the extra space they need for dining and lounging on floor cushions under a nice canopy made from some material. Their kitchen is nice and simple, just enough to prepare some good meals while they are there, but nothing too fancy. They used a composting toilet, which is pretty standard for using in tiny houses and cottages. All of the blue and colour they have infused into their place makes it feel like such a vibrant and welcoming place to visit. Many people are building tiny house or tiny cabin projects like this one so that they have a place to visit on the weekends. Also, people are building tiny houses like this one to live in full time. The tiny house movement is revolutionizing the way people think about housing, and we see that less can sometimes really be more when it comes to our homes.

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