Spending A Weekend in This Red Cottage in Denmark Equals Ultimate Relaxation

It's always fun to get a peek into different tiny house designs, and this tiny red cottage in Denmark is a nice example of just how much you can fit into a tiny house space. This charming tiny cottage is a good size at 495 square feet with a tiny covered front porch. The tiny cottage has two bedrooms, and a bathroom, and a kitchen and a living area. Outside is a nice yard with lots of trees and flowers to enjoy. This tiny cottage in Denmark would also make for a great renovation project. The wooden ceiling, white walls, tiny porch and sizeable living area, are all good building blocks to make this tiny house space personalized. Some fresh paint and furniture would get this tiny house space feeling like new, and it wouldn't take a lot to make it feel like home.

The location is one of the best parts of the cottage, with lots of greenery and gardens outside that you could spend lots of time outdoors growing your own vegetables and flowers. The back patio is a great place to set up a barbecue and have some seating so you could entertain family and friends while enjoying the beautiful outdoor location. It seems to be in a nice area; that would provide lots of relaxation time and outdoor activities such as walking, gardening and hiking. You feel like you are in nature in this tiny house, with lots of windows, you can enjoy the views of the multitude of trees, and sunny skies. The windows also let in lots of natural light which helps to warm up the place.

YOu'd think that with all these small houses and cottages being built that they would all look the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In each small house design, there is simply no shortage of the amount of detail you will find throughout. The size of a house is no indicator to the unique design ideas and features that can go in it. And with so many small house designs and styles to choose from, you will always find that people design their small spaces differently, even with the lack of space within. It goes to show that home design is about all aspects of a home, whether it be a tiny house or a larger sized home.

It doesn't matter if the small house or tiny house is used as a guest home, or full-time living, as a vacation home or an artist studio, or writers retreat, everything that goes into a tiny house is important. From the building materials you use to build your tiny house, to the location you choose to build your tiny house, and how you are going to compliment and use that location where you build. Small house design just keeps getting better and better all the time. It gives you lots to consider and how to best use your cottage or small home space, from how you are going to organize and store everything you have to the overall feel and decor in your home.

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