See How an Old Garage Was Converted into a Lovely Backyard Cottage

This backyard cottage was converted from a garage believe it or not. The cottage is located in the backyard of a residential home in Carmel, California. They did a really great job of the design and remodel to turn it into a lovely cottage. Outside the landscaping is perfect, with beautiful brightly coloured flowers all over the place, from the front flower garden to the window boxes, pots of flowers, and larger pots of flowers. There are several large trees around the property. The exterior of the tiny house is very nicely done, with lots of stonework for the main part of the house, cedar shake roofing, green trim and wood. Inside the cottage has lots of character with a good sized kitchen, with white kitchen cabinets, a gorgeous bedroom in white. There is a cute dining nook with a chandelier and wicker chairs for a country feel.

The interior is mainly painted white with wood accents here and there. The white really helps bring a lot of light into the smaller space which creates the illusion of more space within the cottage. Everything is included in one room with the bed being the focal point. Covered in beautiful white linens, it would be the perfect place to fall asleep or relax at the end of the day. There's also a little closet built into the room with enough space to store a few items. The bathroom is not far away with a bathtub, sink and toilet so it would be perfect for taking a bath. There's also a nice little loft area which could either be storage space or another sleeping space. A wooden ladder leads up to the loft and is stored nicely against the wall so it doesn't take up too much floor space when it's not in use.

This would be the perfect little cottage to offer as a place for guests to sleep. Instead of adding another room onto your home, you can just utilize a building that's already on your property. With tiny house and small house living becoming more popular than ever before, more people are looking into options like this and converting their extra buildings into little cottages or studios. This not only offers guests a private place to sleep and enjoy their stay at your home, but it also could provide some extra income for those who wish to rent out their small backyard cottages to tourists.

If you live in a place that people travel to often and you don't mind hosting guests, it's fun to rent out small cottages like this. You can either greet guests and help them out a lot during their stay or you could just leave them to have their own experience. These small studios also could make a great space to rent out to students if it was allowed in your area. Either way, this cottage is sure to bring you lots of great inspiration especially if you're considering any of the above options for your own property. ouse, another one will come along and raise the bar even higher.

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