House Zilvar Is An Energy Efficient Cottage With a Modern Design

You will want to take a closer look at an energy-efficient home with a folded roof by ASGK Design. The energy efficient small cottage home is called House Zilvar, and it is a small wooden house that has an unusual shape. The unique appearance of the small cottage home comes from what is essentially a shed roof that folds and twists along the entire length of the architectural design. The roof on the house changes the direction of the slope from one end of the small cottage home to the other. The architectural design is located in rural Bohemia and was designed by the Prague studio ASGK Design. A family of three own the small cottage home. The family wanted a small house design that was energy-efficient, and that would bring them closer together. The best reason for small house living.

In this cabin building design, there is an entrance area with connection to the bathroom and the living space of the house; the bedrooms are separate in the spaces of the elevated galleries. The living area together with the kitchen corner area make for an open unit, which is divided only with some furniture and in the southern part of the small cottage home is an elevated stage, which serves as a place to relax with a library and a view of the garden. Part of this area is the staircase that leads to the gallery. From the ground floor in the House Zilvar, there is access to the outdoor covered patio, the floorboard is the same inside and outside, and there is an optical connection between the exterior and the interior spaces. The whole small cottage home is connected to the exterior with large glazed surfaces, mostly with solid frameless glazing, which also helps to provide sufficient illumination of the interior.

The ground floor of the small cottage home is an open living area that has an eat-in kitchen located in the middle of the house and at the far end a lounge space. There are two separate bedroom lofts that overlook the living area, which allows for easy communication between the family members. Both lofts overlook the living area; but they cannot be seen from each other; with the lowered roof valley in the middle of the tiny house dividing the upper part of the small cottage home in two, which gives the bedrooms a bit of privacy. Each loft space in this small cottage home can be reached by the industrial-style steel staircase.

The ground floor of the small cottage home is cinched in the middle, with a terrace that pushes into the side of the unique small house plan. That combined with the roof shape offers a unique small house plan where much of the interior is visible while you move around the living area. The way that the natural sunlight works within the small cottage home changes throughout the day, making it at times feel like you are in a canyon. The lounge area in the unique small house plan is comprised of a multi-level platform that has large windows that face a pond on one side of the home design and meadows on the other. There are some book storage space and a firewood space under the edges of the raised floors.

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