A Simple Yet Lovely Mobile Tiny House

The Kingfisher is a 20-foot long tiny house on wheels by Rewild Homes on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This lovely tiny house has a natural wooden exterior with white trim and a peaked roof. Inside there are white walls with dark wooden floors and wooden trim for a spacious look and feel. There is an upstairs sleeping loft accessible by a ladder. This tiny house design has a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. Downstairs there is an open living/kitchen space with kitchen cabinets to store your kitchen essentials, a sink and plenty of kitchen counter space.

There are plenty of reasons that small house living is so popular today. Living in a smaller house is a step that you can take to change your life. Small house living means less space to fill and to clean, fewer bills, and the freedom to go anywhere, with your home being anywhere you want it to be. Rewild homes are built to last as long as traditional home design, with quality craftsmanship throughout the tiny house and attention to every detail. You can live in a tiny house yourself or rent it out for a secondary source of income. Sustainability is important to these tiny house builders. A tiny home means less building materials, less wasted electricity, and every one of their tiny homes is sourced from Vancouver Island-based building materials. By using local building materials, they are supporting local businesses and in turn minimizing their footprint. Living simply so others can simply live.

Shells. Rewild Homes can do as much or as little as you'd like, whether you want a tiny house trailer with just a floor package or the tiny house shell. With the tiny house trailers done you can build the entire tiny house structure on a safe, secure, and waterproof base, or you might choose to have the entire tiny house shell built including the finished walls and roofing so that you have just the interior left to do. Regardless of what level of tiny house shell you get, they still fully design every aspect of your tiny home before they start construction and supply you with the finished renderings of your completed tiny house design, as well giving you access to their team of experts throughout your tiny house build. Tiny house shells are a great way to add some do it yourself to your tiny house build, learn the construction skills you've always wanted, or to help keep costs down if your budget is tight. If this is something, you are interested you'll want to talk to these tiny house builders.

These days more and more people are downsizing and moving into tiny house designs. Even if small house living isn't something you want to do full time, you can use a tiny house design for a variety of other uses to include a backyard office, vacation home, guest house, artist studio, writers retreat, garden shed, playhouse, backyard retreat, small business and so much more.

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