Featured Log Builder: Timber Block

There is so much to love about Timber Block's log cabin designs and builds. Timber Block is a log builder who offers log home and log cabins that are unmatched in residential and commercial log home construction. They provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly modern technology while using cost-effective log home and home building methods. So you know that your log home will be affordably priced, and energy efficient. They work with stock and custom log home plans, but the log builders are happy to collaborate with you on your log home, to help you realize your vision, and to make your dream log home a reality. You will find a wide variety of log home designs, styles, and sizes to suit every lifestyle and need. It's fun just to browse through their extensive collection of log home floor plans and helps with figuring out the sorts of things you want in a log home of your own. The log builders will gladly help you every step of the way from start to finish. By looking at some of their completed projects, you'll even find the steps to ensure that your log home decor is unique and special as your log home. With ideas on how to furnish and fill the rooms in your log home and help create the log home of your dreams. You can take advantage of the opportunity to create a unique look for your log home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Timber Block delivers some of the most beautiful log homes you'll ever see, and their log builders create log homes using environmentally responsible technology and also cost-effective building methods. They also offer the best in insulation with their log homes including R-30 / R-36 rated walls. R-30 is the standard wall insulation in a Timber Block home which still exceeds today’s building codes in most places. For even colder climates the log builders also now offer an R-36 wall with their unique panelized system that uses SIP (structural insulated panels) to lower on-site construction time. It also makes for a nail-free wall on the interior as well as the exterior. Timber Block homes can be built pretty much anywhere since they are engineered specifically for the site that they will be built on. The homes will meet and even exceed all building codes, and their building system allows the walls to be created in their factory which is a controlled environment that reduces on-site building. Building the log houses this way also allows for greater quality control, and it's also a good way to avoid and the elements. This streamlined log building method also reduces waste which is better for the overall price of the home and better for the environment too since they're not wasting materials.

Timber Block has a wonderful home construction concierge service that will help you build the home of your dreams and see it through till the end. Their homes also have a 15 Year Warranty which offers protection for your home for the first 15 years you have it. You can browse through their collections of log homes and cabins including the Classic, Vintage, Contemporary and Craftsman series. It's recommended that you look through each of the collections to get an idea of what you like and also because the design elements of one home can be implemented into another type of home. Getting started with your log home planning might seem like a huge feat but with the right plans, log builders and designers you'll be well on your way to getting the log home of your dreams.

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