Ingenious Use of Shipping Container Gives Rise to this Beautiful Home in Bangladesh

The Escape Den is a shipping container home designed by River and Rain. The concept of space was evoked on three main grounds to create a theme of solitary through a more temporary set up within a time worthy construction period. The shipping container space was considered as the simplest of its expression. The steel frame skeleton for the Escape Den is finely adorned with four pieces of the steel container. The longest steel container is adjoined with two, to form the bedrooms. The steel containers evoke a rustic romanticism that is taken delightfully by the architects to help recreate a shipping container home that is just out of this world.

The barren surroundings of the design have given the project an added touch up of solitary. The location of this modern shipping container home is mostly secluded, and therefore there is little noise. The spaces in this modern shipping container home glow with the morning light and sparkle at night. The steel container design is a mirage of non-existential characteristics of space that are thoughtfully assembled.

There are several benefits of using steel containers for shipping container homes. Recycling Intermodal Shipping Containers. The average steel container can travel thousands of miles around the world, during their lifespan. As long as the owner of the steel container maintains them well, there is no reason that it cannot last for well beyond a decade. There are over a million steel containers around the world, that is a lot, and even more, reason to find ways to reuse and recycle them. With so many shipping containers around the world, there are plenty of used shipping containers for sale. What this means for you is that there are plenty of shipping containers for sale, which can be reused and recycled or different purposes, such as building shipping container homes out of them. By recycling and reusing steel containers in this way, you can build eco-friendly homes that look great, are functional, while also being unique.

When it comes to designing your eco-friendly home using steel containers, you can think of them as building blocks, putting them together just as you might do with children’s building blocks. The steel containers can be stacked end to end, side by side, or you can also create multiple levels of steel containers by placing them on top of each other. The steel shipping containers can be welded together along the seams at the floor and the roof which will make for a sturdy steel container structure with no need for internal walls for support. With this ability, it allows you to use your creativity and imagination and create a bespoke living space, which will stand out from the crowd. The Escape Den is just one example of how you can use steel shipping containers to make a modern shipping container home of your own. The sky is the limit with the sort of home design and home decor you might choose for your steel shipping container home.

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